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Apr 12 11 10:47 PM

Hello Di,
Do I remember Lizzie Lister !. small, thin and pure white hair, didn't know it was a wig.
Now, she used to read the bumps on yer 'ead, forget what it's called now, Anyway, she's at again one day and she's telling each kid what life holds for them in the future. She calls Me up to the front, starts messin' with me bonce, then says "go and sit down" !, leaving a ten year old Me wondering for the rest of the day !, talk about childhood stress. I told Sister Beth about it and she said "Not to worry, there's nothing in it", I then didn't know if she was referring the practise of bump reading Or me 'ead! ,Honest.
Take care
Love malc

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#203 [url]

Apr 13 11 7:45 AM


I tried Liverpool University where the archives are kept but they couldn't help. I also raised the question face to face with staff at Highbury when attending a reunion but no luck. There is clear evidence from one or two prints I have where there is an NCH blue rubber stamp imprint on the back usyually with a name of the photographer and date.I will scan one or two for you and upload them showing the picture (again) and then the reverse side.

David Green

Click here to view the attachment

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#207 [url]

Apr 13 11 8:02 AM


It can be seen that one of the regular photographers was Miss Johnson and I can recall a lady with a very expensive looking camera who visited on Fete Days etc,. She would take pictures of us in our Sailors uniforms when we danced on stage in a large marquee doing the Sailors Hornpipe!! I can still hum the music we danced to.
Note the official looking stamp on the back.

David Green

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#208 [url]

Apr 13 11 9:14 AM

Hi Malcolm, Lizzie Lister used to have a big black bow at the back of her wig, I wonder if this was to stop it blowing off in windy weather.  I didn't like her as she gave me the cane & I never knew what I had done wrong, such a timid quiet child I was, then anyway. I'd rather have had my head examined by the crazy women!
Cheers Di

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#209 [url]

Apr 13 11 12:33 PM

Dear David,

Thanks for your message and for your efforts concerning archive photographs on the site. 

It is very frustrating that NCH Chief Office staff and Liverpool University are unable to help.  I remember the name John R Simmons and it would be great if his photography firm still existed and all the negatives were available for public access.

With regard to the Royal visit would the Harrogate local newspaper have illustrated records?

Best wishes,


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#210 [url]

Apr 13 11 12:41 PM

The one batch of magazines that might have photos and text information on day to day matters, events etc of all the branches, was published by the NCH ( I think monthly) I think as "Our Family News", or something of that order.
There is a full set at the Archives at Liverpool, but the general NCH library had most of a set when it was at Highbury.
You might find it has been  moved up to Watford rather than the new London office, or is one of the locations for training the staff.
So it might be worth asking Watford where the ex Highbury library is now located.
On past London reunions our Harpenden gang poured over these spotting long forgoptton friends and Sisters.


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#211 [url]

Apr 13 11 6:27 PM

Hi KJT. I remember your father Ken Trelfer. He was my Form teacher, House Master, and P.E Sports Master. I remember him being a smoker and on one occasion Mr Sutton caught him smoking in the P. T Sports store when he should have been taking us for a lesson. Mr Sutton was not amused and told him so in no uncertain terms.Your Dad was always very kind to us children from the N.C.H. I recall being a member of the camping club, only because I used to go Youth Hosteling, your dad was our club chairman. Sorry must break now my tea is ready, but I will continue later. Kind Regards Peter Peachman.

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#212 [url]

Apr 13 11 8:27 PM

Hello KJT, Ialso remember your father he was a good person and always good with us NCH kids,he had a habit of testing us on the time tables at randum and had a very good aim with pieces of chalk or even the board rubber ifwe made mistakes as Malc says he had agood sense of humor he had to have with us lot in his class. Best wishes Norma Silk

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#213 [url]

Apr 13 11 9:23 PM

hI Malcolm,not sure if Im doing this properly,only just joined,Iwas looking at ur pics of Ray C and William C.I remember them well coming up to the reunions we used to love when all the old boys and girls came up.I think there was a few of us who had a crush on those two,we had a nickname for Ray,Id better not put it on here,are they still around,if so are they going to the reunion. Im going to try and put some pics on at the weekend. x pat

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#215 [url]

Apr 13 11 11:43 PM

Hello Pat,
I'm so bereft !, "A few of us had a crush on those two", I'm feeling left out, ignored and very lonely, considering I too came back for reunions. I left December '59 and you arrived '59, but I do remember the Denstons from those reunions.
Sadly Ray passed away a number of years ago and I know nothing about Willy unfortunately.
Ray and I remained close for years after I left, My girlfriend/wife stayed with him and Janet a few times, thier daughter Caren is the same age as our daughter Hayley.
 Ray was known for his whacky sense of humor and his manic laugh so I know he'll be real pleased that we are all getting together in Sept, I may have to have a drink in his honor.
Nice to have you on the site Pat,
Take care

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#216 [url]

Apr 14 11 12:03 AM

Oh no thats really sad,Im sorry I dont recognise the name.We used to have so much fun at those reunions. To right I think we need to have a drink in honour of all those weve lost that were in the nch. It makes you realise how much time has passed.This is addictive I need to get off it and get to bed,work in the morning,cheers Malc x pat

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#217 [url]

Apr 14 11 1:30 PM

Hi Pat,great to here you I don't think you'll remember me as i left in 1960 but you will certainly remember Dorothy Silk from no 7 you were in no 8. William Cambell was one of my first boyfreinds he married my best freind Janet Watson (not from the home)I heard they had a little boy and lived near London airport unfortunatly he died quite a few years ago  Best wishes Norma

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#218 [url]

Apr 14 11 5:10 PM

Hi Norma,I do remember Dorothy and Graham had a sister  I cant really remember what you looked like though,I was in no. 7 with Dorothy. I also remember another name was there a Jenette in no.7.I dont remember you being there  that long,did you leave as we arrived in oct 1959.

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#219 [url]

Apr 14 11 5:34 PM

Hello all you 'Brooksiders'

I remember Norma, Graham & Dorothy arriving after I'd been at number seven for several years, and I was particularly excited about Dorothy as we were the same age, with only three days between our birthdays.  Then after a few more years you arrived Pat, and it must have taken quite a lot of organisation to make sure you and your five siblings stayed together under one roof.  

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#220 [url]

Apr 14 11 6:17 PM

    Who else can anyone remember from Brookside during the early years ?   These are names I recall from number seven in the very early fifties  .......  The two German girls,  Hannelore & Brunhilde  -  Graham Arrowsmith  -  Freddie Parker  - Terry Rooney   -   Tony Rooney  -  Paula Killick   -   Victor & Chrysella Wright  - Peter & Lesley Ashurst  -  June, Sandra & Lynne Cornell  -  Christine, Howard and Colin Starkey  .............   I think you were next to arrive in the mid fifties Dorothy & Norma ?    Micheal  Penfold  - George Davidson  -  Billy Gilby  -  Bruce  ?    .............   Of course you arrived later  Pat,  with John, Marie, Dennis, Dianne & Lorrainne    ..........   And you are right Pat.  There was a girl called Jeanette who was with us for a little while.
   ......   and not forgetting me.

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