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Apr 14 11 10:06 PM

Jennifer yove got an amazing memory for names and faces,you made me laugh when you mentioned those knickers coming up to your armpits,didnt they have a pocket in for a handkercheif.Fancy me not remembering Sandra Gilby,she was my best mate,I wonder if anyone knows where she is,I remember her crying then she was gone.How did you manage to settle over in France and where abouts are you,will you make it to the reunion?,I hope so.take care Jen speak to you soon xPat

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Apr 14 11 10:41 PM

Hi Jen me again,just read one of your posts about us arriving at brookside.I think years ago the social workers thought they were god,we were a very close family and both sets of grandparents wanted us,either all 6 with one set or all with the other set,because the one side wouldnt let the other side have us,auntys said they would have us,then they said three go to one side three to the other,then they said not to split us up,and the social workers in their  infinate wisdom sent us to Harrogate  only to be split up there Marie and Diane went to no.1 first and joined us later at no. 7,I suppose when there was room.I think the social workers got a lot of things wrong years ago,because our mum and dad died to tear children away from all their  close family and enviroment was so wrong,they dont understand the damage they do.Children are quite resiliant and most cope when a child its later on when problems occur. The nch fed watered and clothed you,and put a roof over your head,it was like a self contained village I think the best part was the freedom to play and the 120 kids to play with,because there were so many kids you tended not to have to much to do with your own siblings.I often wonder what life would have been like,but I really enjoyed my time there and I loved wheatlands,its getting late and Im still on here again take care Jen speak soon x Pat

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Apr 15 11 4:50 AM

No Malcolm, I just can't bring to mind a Patricia Rawlinson.   But these things sit dormant in your memory, and then suddenly after so many years, they just pop out   ......   erm   .....   let me have a think    ........    ummm   .....   Did your family come from Wolverhampton, Pat ?

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Apr 15 11 9:09 AM

my god Jen you havnt changed nice pic.


Oh dear  - hope you don't mean the picture I've just posted of the funny grub.  Mind you,  I think I HAVE reverted to the grub stage since hitting sixty. 

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Apr 15 11 3:21 PM

hi jen, absolutely loved the pic of you & Lynn. Didn't realise that Marie & Diane went to no1 first. I remember ,Pat, the day you all arrived, walking up the drive hand in hand. John reminded me of Doc from Peter Pan. I also remeber Jeanette, Iwas so envious of her 'cos she had such a pretty name & more important had a cool pair of shoes with proper little heels!!!Didn't Michael Penfold have a sister? Do you recall how he liked knitting.Also Pat re a different post, Kevin Bell's brother was called Albert. Love Dotxx

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#229 [url]

Apr 15 11 6:00 PM

  Yes D,  I've never forgotten those pretty shoes with little heels.  Jeanette was the envy of us all.  But I'm not sure sister Flora might have approved  ...........   Poor Micheal used to get teased didn't he.  I can just see his little face now in my mind's eye.  One day he made the mistake of confessing that he felt ' lazy '  which was quite a crime in number seven in those days.  We all pounced on him   ......  I just can't recall the name of his older sister.  But I know she was quite a tomboy. 

My husband likes knitting !  You wouldn't think so to look at him when he's bashing walls down with a sledge-hammer.  But he loves cross-stitch too.  The more complicated the better.  Not being much of a knitter myself, because I get mixed up, I started on a jumper for him once.  Greg got me started with casting on, but then had to help me with understanding the pattern.  I got in such a tangle that he ended up knitting it himself !!  The next time I tried knitting him a jumper in secret.  But I somehow got the back much longer than the front, so he had a sort of pouch for his bottom   ......   We can't all be good at everything, can we.
Love J XXX

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Apr 15 11 9:34 PM

For those looking for originals of photos
The NCH in the fifties published a magazine 'Our News' which I think is the same as Philip mentioned. This was printed at Harpenden and I think was possibly monthly in production.  

Could there have been a separate set of records kept as part of the printer's records?  If this were to be the case it might be a source of photos as yet untapped.  Sadly I have no idea where to start to look for such records -   - ---   Philip  any ideas?


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#232 [url]

Apr 15 11 10:27 PM

Hi Dot,do you know I cant remember that day at all,I was told later that Lorraine who was only 2 fell over and I picked her up and carried her,I was only 7,it must have been a struggle.I was also told by grandparents that they came up to see us without permission and they wouldnt let them see us,so what they did was parade us in front of the office window,they were not allowed to hug us or speak to us,then they had to travell the 120 miles back home,how bad was that.Michael Penfolds sister was a real tomboy her name was Lee and Im sure thats how she spealt it to.We were great freinds,we had our own gang,her and Sandra were in it,and Michael did used to knit.I loved being a kid in the nch but I know the rest of my lot didnt they were always running away.I remember now Albert Bell,I used to look after them on Sunday instead of going to church,and turn on the spuds and veg,so the dinner would be ready,lovely little kids.Signing off for now rabbiting  on now.I just wondered about the photos with S Sheila putting names to faces. take care x Pat

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#233 [url]

Apr 15 11 10:45 PM

Hi Jen,you havnt changed at all from that pic its a lovely pic.I cant knit or sew,I will sew a button on and thats it.I remember at school making a skirt its still not finished along with a patchwork quilt for a cot  I started 32yrs ago in Laura Ashley print its still not finished,cant get those prints any more,I am terrible at starting something and not finishing.Somerset is nice I live in Burnham on sea.Crewkern is about half hour away.I still prefer Harrogate.Yes Jen we came from Wolverhampton.Is this your house in France your husband is working on.We used to live in the country in a little village no busses no shops,we used to walk the kids across 5 fields to school,the downfall is you end up being a taxi driver when the kids are to old to keep in the garden,the kids loved it in the coutry.closing down for now take care xPat

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#234 [url]

Apr 16 11 10:16 AM

Thankyou Roy  -  sister Flora had several boxes & albums full of NCH photos going back to the 1940s which I used to love looking through whenever I stayed with her.  When she died I was asked if there was anything I'd like to take as a memento, and I wish I'd asked for the photos.  

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Apr 16 11 6:16 PM

Hi Jen,I bet s.Flora had some good photos,do you know who had them.I didnt know Flora had died until yrs later,what did she die from Jen,I think most of the sisters have gone.Im sure s.Sheila said S.Brenda died in January.Take care Jen x Pat

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#236 [url]

Apr 16 11 6:56 PM

 Pat  - Flora had been having treatment for her arthritis and she'd been taking some new medication which she said made her feel really ill.  Soon after that she developed cancer and very soon went downhill.  It was around 1981 / 82 that she died.  It was a very strange time because auntie Nora & Uncle Leonard were both in hospital at the same time.  Leonard died pretty soon afterwards, and then Nora died too. All three deaths seemed to happen very suddenly. I got quite paranoid about it because I couldn't find anything out because I wasn't a member of the family, and I didn't like to ask questions  or intrude.  Besides, I didn't know any other members of the family, or where they lived, and I thought they might resent the intrusion if I started investigating.  For a while, I wondered if it was all just a big hoax, and they'd staged all these deaths just to get rid of me !  How bonkers is that ! ?  But I did feel very disturbed because one minute they were  ' there '  and then they were all gone, and there was nobody to talk to.


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#237 [url]

Apr 16 11 9:47 PM

Hi Jen,wereAunty Nora and Uncle Leonard related to each other,thats very sad they died shortly after each other, I think deaths hard to come to terms with like you say one minute there here then suddenly gone.I remember going to Aunty Nora and Uncle Leonards house and playing in the pool,a gorgeous house and garden ,wasnt he artistic did he used tp  paint on tiles.Did you ever meet s.Floras family.  x Pat

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#238 [url]

Apr 17 11 7:44 AM

Hey Pat   -   I think I mentioned sister Flora's family in a posting a while ago.  She had three sisters.  Jessie, Nora and Rose.  There was also a brother who died in WW 2.  They were the children of a country parson, and were raised in the parsonage at Meridon, Warwickshire.  None of the sisters had any children,  although the brother who died left a wife and family, so there was a nephew & niece.

Auntie Nora & Uncle Leonard were husband and wife.  He was a very enigmatic character, and was also known as  'Father Peter.'   He had a shop in Leamington called the Notcutt Gallery which sold paintings & ethnic crafts.  All that generation are dead now   .......   but I met the niece & nephew at Flora's funeral, and I got the impression that they didn't approve of me.


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#239 [url]

Apr 17 11 10:15 AM

Hi Malcolm, Lizzie Lister used to have a big black bow at the back of her wig, I wonder if this was to stop it blowing off in windy weather.  I didn't like her as she gave me the cane & I never knew what I had done wrong, such a timid quiet child I was, then anyway. I'd rather have had my head examined by the crazy women!
Cheers Di


I rememer Miss Lister at western I think her husband was a artist or something like that also I used to get hit across the knuckles with the 2 rulers..and I never forget her drinking her hot water at the breaks...I liked her maybe she felt sorry for me .....

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#240 [url]

Apr 17 11 10:18 AM

A few more.


I recognise the top two pics which I posted in "friends reunited" a while back....Shel

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