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Oct 13 11 7:50 PM

As yet a print of the film has not yet been located.

THE TRUST OF A CHILD (1959) (37 min.): b&w.
Begins with the history of NCH, then shows aspects of the work in the present through the experiences of three women in various settings. Includes footage of residential care, the Staff Training College at Stephenson Hall, the ordination of women into the Sisterhood Order, and the annual reunion at Westminster with many old boys and girls. Projects and staff featured: Harrogate Branch and its Superintendent Mr Roycroft; Chipping Norton Branch; Hilton Grange at Bramhope; Family Aid and Sister Margaret Scorey. Interesting summing up by the Principal John Waterhouse, speaking as ''the father of this family''


Keep a watch on the following page, if a print is found a link will be posted at


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May 1 12 4:56 PM

 hi iam just woundering if anyone could help my iam trying to find more information about my dad his name is raymond sydney evans he is now 61yrs old his date of birth is 13-06-1949 if anyone could give my any information i would be gratefull thanks gemma 

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May 1 12 5:03 PM

hi iam woundering if anyone could help me my dad was at this chrildrens home in the fiftys his name is raymond sydney evans iam trying to find out some more information he is now 61years old if anyone can remember him i would be gratefull for a replie thanks gemma 

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May 2 12 6:06 AM

Hello Gemma,
I remember Raymond Evans.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think he had a sister ( Susan ? )  
You might find a photo of your Dad in the 'Harrogate pictures' forum.


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May 4 12 2:14 PM

hi Gemma, I was @ Fairfield with Jennifer., We were in no 7 & he was in no 6 with his  sister Josephine. I remember them pretty well. Guess it may well be the same guy as I am 61 now myself.
What news do you have of them. Would love to be brought up to date. Does he remember any of us. I know a friend & house-mate of his was Olijide Martin.

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#290 [url]

Jul 14 12 3:43 PM

hiya jennifer its gemma yeah thats right he does have a sister called josephine ive been speaking to ,y dad he does remember you all it would be great if i could get you back in touch with him 

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Jul 14 12 4:35 PM

hi dorothy its gemma its fantastic that you all still know my dad and his sister unfortunatley he has not seen his sister or brother since they all left the chrildrens home he remembers you all it would be great for him to get in contact with you all i have been trying to search for his sister on the computer but its quite hard hope to hear from you soon 

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Jul 14 12 8:23 PM

hi malcolm iam writting to you to see if you could help me ive been finding information out about my dad his name is raymond evans room 6 all so his sister josephine bt unfortunatly i can not find his brother his name is william earnest evans you might remember him if you could give me any info thanks

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#293 [url]

Jul 14 12 8:31 PM

hi bernie iam writting to you to see if you could help me my dad was in the chrildrens home his name was raymond evans all so his sister josephine.he all so had a brother called william earnest evans i think he had a nickname billy or something like that i did see you were asking people if they have heard from a willie evans iam wondering if they are the same people if you have any information it would be greatfull thanks gemma 

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#295 [url]

Jul 17 12 12:39 PM

Hi Raymond

I don't think we have met as I was probably many years before your time 1942 - 1954.
I see you have moved back to Harrogate and wondered whether you have been in touch with Di Ward or seen the details of the forthcoming reunion on 29th September.
If you go to the 2012 Reunion page on this forum you should find the details. Alternatively call me on 07804275048 and I will give you the leads.
There are now more than 50 people coming to the reunion and it would be good to add your name.

David Green

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#296 [url]

Jul 17 12 1:31 PM

Hello Emma

 I see your Dad has made an entry on the site and I have replied. Just in case he doesn't go onto the site and see the message could you let him know we are having a reunion at Bilton Cricket Club on 29th September from 3 pm when over 50 people will be present and he might like to join us.

If you search this forum you will find details under 2012 reunion.

David Green 

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#297 [url]

Jul 18 12 7:37 AM

hi jennifer its raymond evans hope u are ok i am back living in harrogate it was great to know u still remenberd me 



If you click onto the Forum tag, then go to page 4 of the main index, you'll find ' Harrogate Pictures' at the top.  Then if you go to page 15 of the Harrogate Pictures catagory, you might see yourself as a tot in the group photo.  
Perhaps Josephine is there too ?  You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it.

All the best,

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#298 [url]

Apr 24 15 4:12 PM

Hi group... Please forgive the intrusion but I spotted the names of Marian and Pauline Hull. I was in the same class as Marian at Wheatlands .....All those years ago and it was such a surprise to see the forum
notes. Happy days at Wheatlands .. Love to hear back from anyone who might care to drop a line.. Cheers. John Llewellyn

Last Edited By: Apr 24 15 4:17 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#299 [url]

Dec 19 16 11:17 AM

I know the group of 5 unknown children page 11

The names of the the children are, ( from left to right) Caroline Quinton, Gordon Quinton, Dennis Quinton, Derrick Quinton & Rosemary Quinton, 
Dennis & Derrick are identical twins, Dennis lives France, in Poitou Charente (village of Clesse) & Derrick, Gordon, Caroline,& Rosemary, all live in the Lincolnshire area, re, Jenifer Jones, I,m sure I remember your name Jenifer, do you remember us lot. also,do you live in France too. 

Last Edited By: livingdream Dec 21 16 3:56 AM. Edited 1 time.

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