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Jun 8 11 2:17 PM

Hi Di!

I love this picture with all the little girls and a couple of boys walking along with the sister.  I don't know anyone in the picture, and I know it isn't Harpenden, but it gives me such a feeling of the good times of those days!  A nice place to live and move and have our being, for a while... :-)
Thank you!

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Jun 8 11 4:06 PM

Jus cos I'm wearing a striped shirt don mean you can call me a girl - there are three of us boys!!

On behalf members of the oppressed sex everywhere.

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Jun 8 11 10:22 PM

Hello Di
What a great Pic that is! and your right, that is a little Sue, she gives that cheeky smile and everyone is infected, see, their all smiling.
I love the ones that Miriam/Sue have posted, my era, with the four years younger ones , lovely pics.
looking forward to Sept,
Stay Well

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Jun 10 11 12:44 PM

Hi David,
you are right about how happy 'us liitle mites' look in the photo, we obviously were, I KNOW we were. Iv'e heard it said that people look happy in photos because we they are told to smile. This photo was not staged I think it is a very accurate snapshot of my early life in Harrogate.
take care Sue

Shelagh it is Harrogate and it was a very happy place to live.
love Sue x

Roy, do you say it is you in the striped jersey,[ I thought you were  in Harpenden or am I confused.? I think the photo of you as a 'young un' is beautiful by the way.
Take care Sue

Hi Malcolm,
your comments about me smiling ..keep me smiling, you always were a kind good caring person. I am so sorry I won't see you this year. I love the photos from Miriam, isn't it great to see Bobby,Paul and Glynis? I wonder where I was!
love Suex

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Jun 10 11 7:33 PM

Hi Shelagh, Sue is right, Harrogate was a happy place to live.  I think we were blessed to have such lovely sisters & premises.  I'll always be grateful & I know Malcolm feels just the same as I do.

Hi Terry & Malcolm, really looking forward to seeing you both in September & everybody else,  how are the arrangements coming along?
love Di

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Jun 10 11 11:53 PM

Hi Sue,
       No I'm not claiming to be a Harrogator  though it dont seem to have been a bad existance*. The comment was just meant to be a joking way of pointing out that a previous post appeared to have missed the little fella  in the striped shirt and counted him as a girl. 

* but not quite as good as being a Harpo!

Stay happy

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Jun 11 11 4:38 AM

Hello Di,
Duhh, just realized that the pic of all the smily kids is pre, "New sick bay". I dont think i've seen one before, how nice it was. That begs the question, anyone remember what year the new sick bay was built?. I cant recall as I must have been in the old sick bay with memory loss after heading too many footballs !..
That is certainly an old pic of the gates and the sign. I remember the gates being wrought Iron, not wood. (they look wooden anyway) Like them though, they were always left wide open.
Travel plans and accomodation not done yet, waiting for the cheap flights!
Take care

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Jun 11 11 8:51 AM

Hi Diana I have a feeling that the sign was there in our early times and would have been removed when it became known as NCH and i am not to sure as to when that was. I have not made any permanent dates as to when i will be coming  to Harrogate i do not have any problems for flights etc, but i will let you know in good time.
Love Terry

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#30 [url]

Jun 11 11 11:15 AM

Hi Roy,
I understand now and if we all feel we were in the best branch that can only be a good thing, as it means we all feel very fortunate to have been brought up by the NCH.
take care

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Jun 11 11 1:40 PM

hi malcolm, I don't recognise the gates or sign either. Can't believe you've not got flights organised yet!! Don't you dare leave it too late & not be there. Do we have to have a whip round?? Am so looking forward to meeting up with everyone. xx

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