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Nov 26 12 8:36 AM

Dear Michael,

Welcome to the site.

Sister Marjorie Shields was ordained by the Rev John W Waterhouse and entered the NCH Sisterhood in 1951.

Best wishes,


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Jan 25 13 12:01 AM

Hi all Frodders 'I have just received my record and though mostly at Harrogate !947 - 54 ,I was at frodsham before then at John Fowler house under Sister Norah although I don't remember much I know she  wrote to Harrogate saying she and the boys missed me  ,and inquired how I was getting on.I know its a long time since but does any one remember me  MALCOLM SALMON . Regards to all boys (and Girls)    Malc S  

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Apr 15 13 8:37 PM

Frodsham item sent in.

Hello all ex frodders my name is sylvia may sandiford . I entered newtonhall as a 2yr old. I'm trying to find out about my time there. I know a great deal, but I cannot remember any of the children. I was looked after by sister Ann frith and at sometime by sister nona bell, like most of us I attended the Kingsley school, I have been back there several times for a look round, and I'm hoping to be at this years reunion with my lovely mum Shirley. I returned home to my mum in 1963 thanks to mr wicks, but for him the powers that be wanted me to go for adoption to a couple from Ellesmere Port who I used to spend time with. I'm stuck in some kind of limbo with my past, I remember so much about my time there and my absolute love for newtonhall. I was happy all the live long days there. My mum used to come once a month to see me, she came from Radcliffe. One visit she bought me a noddy suit, pants, shirt, red noddy shoes, yellow kerchief, and best of all my noddy hat with the silver bell, best outfit ever when your only 4.I had my noddy suit on as often as I could. So hopefully there is one of you out there that may remember a thin wiry little girl with really blonde hair looking for big ears and pc plod.according to my records sister Anne always said I was very found of outdoor play and a much loved member of the family, I think my house there was called uplands, did we ever have any group photo,s taken while we where there. I have no childhood pictures of me whilst I was there and none after I left, so I can't even post any to see if any of the older children who were there remember me. I am so amazed when I read on the forums that all of you remember the names of your frodsham siblings, you are so lucky it gives you real connection to the time and the place. If there is anyone out there who was there whilst I was, could you please reach out and help this adult to reconnect with a special time in her childhood, thanking you in anticipation. Sylvia may sandiford.

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Apr 10 16 2:27 PM

Blast from the passed

Hi  I am Dave walker. Was at newton hall frodsham from 1952 to 1962 then was moved to Harrogate would realy love to hear from any one that might remember me or my 2 brothers Allan or Robert.

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