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Dec 20 10 9:16 PM

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Dec 20 10 9:19 PM

The stained glass window in the chapel. I spent more time in the choir looking sideways rather bthan in the body of the kirk looking at the window but this was something we grew familiar with over 12 years. It is now housed in the Pump Room Museum in Harrogate but you have to pay an entrance fee just to go and see it !!!

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Dec 21 10 5:07 AM

Fantastic pics David,
I remember Rita Rutherford
I'm sending them on to Brian Crisp via his Daughter, he'll love them. Do you remember the connecting door between dorm's of #1 and 2, do you know if it was ever opened?
thanks David.

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Dec 21 10 4:35 PM

Table Tennis Team circa 1951. Back row Joy Hill, Jacky Gold, Stephen Green, Front row Theodore Fehr, Brian Roycroft, Trougott Winkler.
I kept in touch with Trougott until he died about four years ago.
As already reported on this website Brian Roycroft also died a few years ago. 
I have tried unsuccessfully to trace Theodore Fehr.

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Dec 21 10 6:10 PM

Does anyone remember the choir trips around Yorkshire and Lancashire? we went off for the whole day and after a morning service in what were often large Methodist Churches went with one of the congregation to have lunch at their house and return later for The Festival of Queens. Then it was home to Fairfield on a coach always owned by (I think) W.E.Pyne & Sons of Starbeck. Happy days.
Stephen and me often sang duets and later on I sang solos. Most memorable to me is O FOR THE WINGS OF A DOVE which I can still sing word perfect but the tone isn't as good. Stephen has sung in a barbershop chorus for many years and I sing in a Male Voice Choir here in Tickhill,South Yorkshire.
In the picture it is Stephen on the left and me on the right as you look at it.

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Dec 21 10 6:47 PM

You've made my day, my year!.
Such memories of these older boys that I knew. and Joy Hill, what a Gal, a better cricket player then many a man, didn't she go on to County play etc, she was such a nice girl.
I was a choir boy after you a Steven. How did we manage to look so innocent? It still works today when I pull tricks on the family, especially my 5 year old Granddaughter. Mrs Roycroft was dear wasn't she, such patience. Hilary, her daughter was in the choir in my time and although she had a nice voice it came out very hoarsely and Mrs Roycroft would stop us and ask,"You is it singing like a newspaper boy?", we didn't tell her. We were ast the royal Hall one christmas and as we stood behind the curtain she came along the line, lighting the little candles we were holding. Trouble was we were blowing them out as she passed us, she would shake her head and start again, it took her 3 times before she realized it was us and not a wayward breeze!. As you say, the trips! and yes it was Pynes. It paid to be a choir boy!
Thank again David

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Dec 22 10 1:25 AM

Hello David, It's almost midnight over there which is perhaps a good thing, you may be heading for bed which means i get an emotional rest.
Thank you so much for posting all the photos today, the last one of all the Fairfield staff got me I can tell you. Sister Beth cared for me for 13 of my 14 years and Margaret Fisher was with her for a number of years, she was lovely. Sister Sybil Perrott took over for my last year. Then there is The Roycrofts and The Wrays, great people, and of course I knew all the other Sisters and the nurse and the secretary, Oh my, what a picture!
Thanks David

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Dec 22 10 9:34 AM

Hi Malcolm
I'm so pleased you enjoy my pictures and no doubt others may discover the site and enjoy them too. I phoned Peter Peachman last night and also sent him an email with the exact web address.
I haven't quite exhausted my efforts yet and hope to put a few more up. Today my eldest son Stuart is moving house from 5 miles away into our village here so no doubt he will require my help !!
Where are you living?
Bye for now. David

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Dec 22 10 10:52 AM

Sister Edith was in charge for the whole of my time at Fairfield. When we arrived on 31st May 1942 my sisters Cynthia and Lena went into No. 2 which was also known as Hartlea. My brothers Johnnie and Stephen and me went into No. 8 with Sister May Teare.About 2 years later when Sister Gertrude Agar, the then principal retired she was replace by Mr & Mrs Roycroft. In the imnmediate changes he made, houses were no longer to be single sex and we had 6 boys and 6 girls in each. As part of this shake up Stephen and me went to No. 2 with our 2 sisters but Johnnie who was then just 5 was allowed to stay in No. 8 because he protested at the change. In hindsight they should have persevered and he should have been with his brothers and sisters.
Sister Edith loooked after us single handed for a few years until more staff were recruited and we had several but most notably Sister Mary Ilett.
SISTER EDITH was a wonderful person who devoted her entire working life to the care of others. She deserved a medal far more than some of the young sportsmen of today !!
David Green May 1942 - June 1954

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