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Dec 22 10 3:24 PM

This will bring back memories. What a nice place it was !! Does anyone remember the apple trees around the field. We hardly dare pick one !! We had so much space to play and I have so many fond memories. Football, cricket, rounders, swings, slides,and yes helping to cut the grass when I was well into my teens. Also Fete days when a large marquee was installed and we had hundreds of visitors coming in by coach from all over the country. The Sailors Hornpipe etc. Rex Wray playing his bugle etc,.etc.etc. Happy days.

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Dec 22 10 3:34 PM

You ask if anyone can provide names for your 22nd December football team photo   ......   Victor Wright is in the middle at the back, wearing the dark sweater,  and I think Peter Ashurst is in the front row, third on the left.  They were about ten years older than me, but I'm sure I know those faces    ........   In the other photo, it was lovely to see George Armstrong again.  I think I've already mentioned that he was very much a father figure to me when I entered Fairfield as a baby at eighteen months old.  He took care of me when sister Flora was busy. I think he married quite late in life, to one of the Daniels family who had the farm at Pannal Ash.

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Dec 22 10 5:49 PM

Hello David,
Great pics again. where to start. George Armstrong, what a good pic of him. Wasn't Reg Hill into Cycle racing ?. As you say, the Lovely Diane Webster, being younger than her,I thought she was a princess!.
Football team, Back row, second from the left is Ernie Blagg, centre in dark shirt, Vic Wright, next to him is sending me nuts 'cos I cant remember!. far right, Paul Manser. Front row, second from left, I think, Sheldrake Smith, then Pete Ashurst. Here I go again, I know all the faces, the names escape me!,  We need, Terry, Norma and so on. What a great pic of Sister Edith.
Thank again David, (Where did you get all these, we didn't have a camera between us as kids!).
I live in Canada, 35 years now. Retired to a beautiful 'english style village' called Qualicum Beach, It's on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Vancouver is across the Straights of Georgia from us, (Pacific Ocean) if we go across to the west coast of the island, the next stop is Japan!.
So loving your pics

ps I think the sailors name was Glynn

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Dec 23 10 11:32 AM

Hi Malcolm The boy next to Vic Wright on his right side is Edwin Gull( Giglamps) and on his right his name escapes me but i know he lived in no 8 and he had a sister to, they are from the same part of London as me. I to recognized Sheldrake Smith in the front he is now living in Switzerland.

                        Best Wishes   Terry

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Dec 23 10 7:53 PM

Hello David,
I quick one before christmas.
Re the wonderful Pic of all the staff.
You are close with the date but i can pin it closer.
Sister Beth retired '58 and Sister Sybil took over at #1, I think Pop Roycroft moved to Harpenden in '58 too, Len Wicks took over. I left Dec '59., so it is early '58 or prior. I think Philip could tell us when Pop arrived at Harpenden. A great Picture.
Merry christmas David

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Dec 23 10 8:27 PM

I will have to leave it a few of the older Highfield residents to put the exact date for Mr Roycroft's arrival, late 1950's to early 1960s is a good as I can offer.
On arrival it seemed he ruffled a few feathers of some of the older Sisters that had taken root, I think Sister Pearl had done around 15 years as a Sister at his arrival (10+ years at Highfield), she got her 21 years service badge early in 1965.
It seemed a few of the Sisters were not up to his modern ways, the orphanage ideas seemed to vanish on his arrival, and he tried to get th local town to take more interest in the Home and its activities.
Even when I was there in 1965, other younger Sisters seemed to welcome him into their flats on very regular occasions. Pearl wanted full control of her children, as one other members said "Pearl's Palace", I think she wanted to keep us much in control, rather than let the modern the ideas that Mr Roycroft had of improving of the home affect her, he paid very few visits to our flat unless it had been to sort out troublte that had happened out of Pearl's view.
The only downside to this was that I believed that Sister's views were right, and for that reason, had as little do do with him as I possibly could, a matter I now regret, as I feel that he could have helped my threee years there if we had been able to talk a little more together.

A Wakefield House Resident - Pearl Rules OK.

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Dec 24 10 9:15 AM

I read with interest your take on Pop Roycroft. You will know from my short article about how he helped me find employment that I had an extremely high regard for him.My article is under When you left Harrogate so if you didn't see it have a look. I could write a book about the care he brought with him. After Xmas I will expand. I was under his supervision for 10 years !!!
Have an enjoyable festive season.

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Dec 24 10 2:40 PM

On 26th July 1954 Mr Shutt was hale and hearty, and happy to be presenting my leaving present. At this time there was a Mr Rycroft at Harpenden but Mr Roycroft had not materialised.

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Dec 24 10 3:21 PM

I can vouch for the fact that Pop Roycroft was still at Harrogate in Autumn 1957 because as I said in my blog he helped me find my job with Lloyds which I started in January 1958.
I might try and google him.

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Dec 24 10 5:38 PM

Thanks David,
Re Pop,
I was beginning to think I'd lost the plot, that senility had arrived,(worsened?).
I'm carefully confident of the year 'cos my reports change from Pops signature to Mr Wicks , and I sure know when Sister Beth retired 'cos she had a problem getting me off to school , wouldn't let go of her.
Merry Christmas

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#38 [url]

Dec 30 10 1:31 PM

Dear David,

Congratulations to you and all the other NCH Old Boys and Girls for these photo contributions which are fascinating - especially the one including Mr and Mrs Roycroft who retired from NCH Harpenden in 1969 to live in Swansea and were regular visitors to NCH Killay House where Sister Sybil Perrott was promoted to Sister in Charge and transferred back to Wales in 1968.  I recall that Sister Alice Grout also spent some time at Swansea.  Susan Hiscutt, an Old Girl of NCH Harrogate Branch also transferred to the NCH Swansea Branch.

Best wishes to you all for a Happy, Healthy, New Year.


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Dec 31 10 4:32 AM

Hi David.
Just slightly before my 'memory time', but I do see, "Peter Peachman, Paul Manser, Sister Edith.
Happy New year !

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