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Oct 15 11 10:37 PM

Hi Malc,

You are absolutely right Malc we are NCH brothers.

Yes I have a brother named Malc, he is into the rockabilly scene and is partial to a drop of moonshine but don't tell anybody!

My first taste of alcohol was a large bottle of cider we managed to get hold of ( three actually) when at Harpenden and I remember a friend getting rather ill over it but that's all part of life's experiences is it not?

Oooops sorry for being off topic!

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Oct 15 11 11:39 PM

Malc S and Dave,

You are both transgressing.   Write your apologies on a £20 note and send to me. I will see they get to the relevant authority.tic 

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Oct 16 11 12:54 AM

Hi David,

Thanks for posting Traugott's photo and the account of his life which his son Stefan kindly sent to you.  I guess that Traugott would be in his forties when it was taken.  Something about his smile reminds me  so much of the  teenage boy we knew in the early 1950s. Even then he stood out from the crowd, with his dark wavy hair and very blue eyes.  He was always very courteous and charming, and I am not surprised that he felt his calling was to be a pastor in the Lutheran church.  It is clear from the obvious esteem in which he was held by his congregation, that he was a 'good shepherd' to his flock.  His later ill health and untimely death were tragic.  It is also a shame that you never managed to meet up with him again. However it is great that you have this link with Stefan.  I would like to add my thanks  to him for giving us his father's story and also to compliment him on his English language skill.  Please pass on my best wishes to him and Axel.

By the way, it is great to know that Steve has gone back to his singing.  My best wishes to you both, also Jackie and Janet.                   Dorle.

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Oct 16 11 9:54 AM

Thanks Dorle
I too have been most interested in reading the Winkler story; I walked to school regularly with Traugott when we were temporarily attending the Ashville college sattelite New college.

Did you receive the CD I posted?
I weaned myself off the painkillers only for it to bring back pains from torn chest ligaments!! My GP said I'd been too early stopping them & so I'm back on a 3-a-day tablet to keep it at bay.
Am now on a physio programme which I do at home three times a week using a DVD, a Heart monitor & pen & pencil.
They ring me once a week for my readings; All seems to be progressing nicely.
Spent a weekend in Galway 6 to 9th Oct, won an entertainment trophy and 2nd in the Barbershop International as well as singing on Lyric fm and RTE TV.
So life's getting back to some mormality.

Nice to hear from you again
Best regards to you

Steve & Jackie

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Oct 16 11 4:02 PM

Hi Steve,

I did indeed receive your Harrogate Reunion CD and I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures at leisure. Thank you very much.  I sent a private message of thanks to you on the 21st September. I had explained previously, after having had a rather unpleasant hour long session at the dentist, I was delighted when the CD arrived that very day. Quite apart from it being very well put together, it helped to take my mind off my discomfortrt.  Best of all I can always go back for another helping whenever the mood takes me.

It's wonderful news that you have managed to go back to your singing so soon.  Not only will it lighten your spirits, but the breathing will help your recovery.  It's good to know that the hospital staff are monitoring your recuperation so carefully,albeit from a distance.  I know from past experience that it isn't a good idea to come off medication until you get the green light from the hospital, and torn ligaments take quite a while to heal properly.

Congratulations to you and your fellow songsters for winning that trophy.  Keep up the good work Steve;  things will get better and better.           My very best wishes to you and Jackie.          Dorle.

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Oct 16 11 6:42 PM

Hi steve congratulations on your singing trophy ,as some one who's voice makes Lee Marvin sound like a soprano (wondering star is the only song I can sing) I appreciate good singing and my wife Lesley go to concerts regularly   .Wishing you well in your recovery you put me to shame with your waking . also best wishes to Jackie your wife (and if she is anything like mine) your carer .                                                                                            Cheers  Malc S 

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Nov 23 11 8:15 PM

A lovely photo of  Heinz and indeed my brother Tony. Some of you may well remember they were pulled up onto the pier from the beach at Blackpool when the tide cut them off and they were always about together getting into mischief. Heinz liked his football and would always be in the team ( nobody was going to argue with him due to his size ) Can anyone recognize where the photo is taken ?

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