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Apr 9 11 11:13 PM

Hi just joined the site, we were in no.7 from1959-68,we had two boys inno.7 called Kevin Bell and his older brother,cant remember his name,Ihave some photos of these two,could it be them.

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Apr 9 11 11:35 PM

Hi Jen,when I broke my arms and was off school,I remember reading Enid Blyton secret seven every day,I got through loads,were they yours,I loved those books.


or was it the Famous Five.

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Apr 10 11 6:33 PM

Hi Pat and welcome to growing up in the nch, i hope you have lots of contacts and childhood memories, this forum can be adictive. i hope you are coming to the reunion??. I remember when you broke your arm it was the big tree at the back fence ,
I told Marie and Lorain about Growing up in the NCH yesterday 09 April 11 so they didnt wast time telling you, as you logon the same day,  you are now on hear with family. If you have any photos of Fairfield please put them on Harrogate Photos.

R C James

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Apr 11 11 7:09 AM

Hello Pat and welcome to the forum. Your name rings a bell with me even though I had long since gone into the outside world before your arrival. I left 1954.
I joined this forum last December and as Roger said it can be addictive but rather pleasant to make contact etc.
If you have pictures why not post them here under HARROGATE PICTURES? If you have any problem working out how to upload them just ask for advice from any of us regulars.

David Green

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Apr 11 11 7:30 PM

Hi Roger,good to hear from you it is taking a bit of time to get round,Lorraine told me you had phoned about a reunion yes we will be there it used to be  great those reunions at the home,shame it cant be there  anymore,it makes you cry when you see those pics of it all derelict and its really sad when you go up there, the one tree thats left is the one I fell out of and broke both arms,I was winded so bad I thought I was gonna die.I will speak to you soon and see you at the reunion. x pat

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Apr 11 11 7:41 PM

Hi David,you had left before we got there in 1959,but if you went back to the reunions I may have seen or spoken to you. I remember some.What a shame we didnt have this years ago especially with the people we have lost.I have a lot of pics some of the reunions I also have 2 dvds taken off video but not good quality wouldnt have a clue about getting them on here will have to ask one of my kids.Do you still visit Harrogate,I find it very sad to go up to the home now,its as if youve been wiped off the map like you didnt exist.will keep posting. x pat

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Apr 11 11 8:08 PM

Roger & Pat,
With the removal of your Home due to redevelopment, you would be most welcome to come to the Highfield Reunion if you need a general meeting place just outside London.
We normally meet up in July, date to be known soon.
We promise not to tease or make fun of any member from one of our Northern outposts, we have The Stokies for that (Alverstoke).
It would be nice to see any member from Harrogate - a Home that I was almost sent to.


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Apr 11 11 8:27 PM

Hi Pat,  Great to hear from you.  You may remember me from reunions, as I attended every one since I left Fairfield in 1957.  When our Home closed, we used to go to Wesley Church meeting room where we had a few more reunions until they fizzled out.  We used to have some great parties afterwards, in  Rus Weatherills house, some in ours & one or 2 in Brian Hiscutts & of course at The Harlow Inn & Salt Box pubs.  Your name is so familiar, but I need to see some photos to jog my memory.  Are you on any of the reunion party photos on page 5 of Harrogate Pictures?
Cheers Di

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Apr 18 11 7:10 PM

Does anyone remember singing carols at xmas,I think it was at Bettys I remember looking down at them all eating,while we were singing.xmas was so exciting,do you remember having to go to bed very early on xmas eve,waiting for father christmas to come and visit on xmas eve,then us older ones were allowed to get back up.   I know we were very priveledged to go on holiday to Germany,I think everyone in no.7 went,I remember the people Marie and I stayed with gave us some horlicks and nearly being sick Ive never touched horlicks since.   I can remember having great fun on that swing boat,taking it up to the bumps or standing at the end of it while someone else took it to the bumps,you would wait for it come your way and grab onto the end where it took you right up into the air  ,and let go while in the air,and the witches hat where we would take that to the bumps while hanging upside down,they wouldnt let you have those kind of play things now .Did anyone else used to pick great big fat cooking apples to eat and gooseberries and rhubarb ,without sugar.  still jogging my memory for other great times x Pat                                                               

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Apr 18 11 7:53 PM

 Pat, I remember when I was very young, one of the older girls made early morning cups of tea for sisters Flora & Sybil on Christmas morning. The we stood out on the landing in our jim-jams to sing carols.  I can't remember if this was a regular christmas day event though   ...   There was a lovely christmas atmosphere, despite the fact that we weren't allowed to open our presents straight away.  After breakfast we'd do our chores as usual.  Then go to the morning church service.  It wasn't until after lunch and after the washing up was finished that we were allowed to open a huge pillow-case each of presents.  But first we had to  FIND  them because they were hidden all over the house.  A lot of the gifts were second-hand things that had been donated.  But we were just as happy ! ......   You'll find an earlier posting about Christmas where we talked about uncle Leonard & auntie Nora arriving annually in their caravan to share the festivities.  It's on page 8 of the forum topics under the heading  'auntie Nora.'
J X 

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Apr 18 11 9:47 PM

Hi Pat, see what I meant by generations and memories.?
I recall so many times growing up and looking out the dorm window to see Santa on his 'sleigh".
When I got older i realized that it was the barrow that I delivered the grocery's on, then later I was the Lad pushing the barrow with Santa, (Mr Wray"), oops sorry, maybe you didn't know that!.
Then the swingboat, we were waiting to go into choir practise and doing the 'hit the bumper' thing, I lost my grip and flew right over the apple trees towards #7. landed so hard I hadn't a breath in my body, thought i was a gonner!, Mrs Roycroft let me off choir practise, half hour later i was playing football.! I saw everone coming out after the practise so Garham Kirby said, "Limp Tommo limp, Mrs Roycrofts looking at yer". devious little brats weren't we.
Take care

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Apr 18 11 11:00 PM

Hi Malcolm,now youve spoilt it all those yrs and I thought it really was santa and his sleigh,I always wanted to do that for my kids it was magical when you believed,never mind perhaps I can do it for the gran kids.Thats exactly how I felt after falling out the tree thought I was a gonna too  its scary being winded so hard.We were little devils werent we ,I remember John Church visiting one day on his bike honda 50,I asked him for a go,it was in the big barn by no.7,but I couldnt find the brakes and went straight thru the back of the barn and landed on the other side,I remember a big girder wacking me across the cheek as I went thru.Ive never been on a bike since.Its great all these memories xPat

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Apr 18 11 11:14 PM

Hi again Malcolm, Jen really made me laugh about Raymond,Ididnt know him that well to understand the joke,but we used to have great fun with him at the reunions I hadnt left then,we had  a nickname for him but I cant put it on here,it would probably make you laugh,how do I private msg. x Pat

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#57 [url]

Apr 18 11 11:30 PM

Hello Pat,

To send a private message -   click on the name, printed in red, of the person you wish to talk to. A new screen will appear with their avatar, on the right will be a red box  saying 'Send Private Message' . Click on it and you are away.


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Apr 18 11 11:45 PM

Hi Jen,I cant remember Aunty Nora and Uncle Leonard in there caravan,did they still do that when we were there.We carried on doing the egg rolling with our kids for many yrs and hiding cream eggs in the garden,did anyone else carry on those traditions,because down here in Somerset.they thought we were bonkers.Also Jen I do remember one xmas where we had to search for our presents,but only the once,after that we used to open them as soon as we woke up,so I think that opening them after the chores might have been before we arrived.I can remember on Sundays we werent allowed to change out of our sunday best or play out or wash our hair on a sunday.I can remember singing carols on the way home from school at peoples houses to get money,very naughty.We used to have some good xmas parties though the Granby and the police college is that right xPat

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#60 [url]

Apr 19 11 5:47 AM

Hi again Malcolm, Jen really made me laugh about Raymond,Ididnt know him that well to understand the joke,but we used to have great fun with him at the reunions I hadnt left then,we had  a nickname for him but I cant put it on here,it would probably make you laugh,how do I private msg. x Pat


                                    eh ??  WHAT  joke ?  HAVE I LOST THE PLOT  ? 

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