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May 26 11 3:04 PM

Dear Malc,

Thanks for your message.

I think many of us discovered new information when we had access to our NCH files, many years after being in care and it is great that you are able to enjoy so many positive memories of your loving and caring upbringing which has stood you in good stead.

Best wishes,


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Jul 21 11 11:37 PM

Hi Malc T ,just seen your mail 25 th May (Terrys birthday by the way) it amazing the similar things between us ,1 both Malcolm 2 are Fathers blocked any adoption (yet I never even got a letter or prezzi of mine) 3 if I'm not mistaken you had a Sister called Joan who died last year ,My Sister Joan also died last year .Look after yourself and look forward to seeing you September  Malc S

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Jul 22 11 3:34 AM

Hi Malc.
there's a fourth, I was just about to post on the same lines!.
I think I saw Joan perhaps 3 times as I grew up, she was in Edgeworth, then did nursing in Bolton.
 Joan and Bill came to B.C. Canada in '53. I saw her in '61 when she went to the UK to have her Baby. Didn't see her from the 'til '74.when I visited her. Ci,Me and 3 year old Hayley emigrated in '75, they put us up for three months 'til we found our legs so to speak.
I miss her lots.
Getting closer to the reunion Yeaaa
take care Malc

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Oct 3 11 8:07 PM

i went to hillton gragen school near bramhope from 1974 till 1982 i love this school i had lost of friends and mr and mrs parkin look after me thay had 3 chilsren richard steven and david i would like to find frieands from when i was they 

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Feb 16 12 11:58 PM

Reposted message from Angela
Direct email address removed.
Please contact via Private message.

Member name ange

My Name is Angela White I was at Holmwood Westbury on Trym1974-1978. I have fond memories of Holmwood and still have very good friends whom I met there. I was in the Browns Family Group and remember The Mitchells, Christophers, Morris, The Griffiths, Wayne Nelson, Pepe and Pedrina, Paula Patterson, Tracy Owen, Monica Brown, Jasmine Dahd, Tina Bloomfield, Sonia Williams, and Dawn if anyone would like to email it would be lovely to hear from anyone

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Feb 25 12 7:50 PM

just wondered if i can jogg a memory of being in the television room of a home and a girl tried to change the channel on the telly and ended up arguing and a girl getting removed from the room by a member of staff a female and getting took back to the dormatory?
anyone who can remeber anything like this around 1965 in i tink bradstock lockett southport, i would be grateful if any reply,

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Feb 25 12 7:56 PM

just wondered if i can jogg a memory of being in the television room of a home and a girl tried to change the channel on the telly and ended up arguing and a girl getting removed from the room by a member of staff a female and getting took back to the dormatory? and also myself and another girl ,cant remember her name but we tried sneaking to the toilet at night time,as we wasnt allowed to go to the toilet once we all were in bed.
anyone who can remeber anything like this around 1965 in i tink bradstock lockett southport, i would be grateful if any reply,


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Jul 13 12 1:05 PM

I was in Bradstock Locket Hospital in 1952-53. Around 18 months I believe. Even now at the age of 68 I don't know what was wrong with me. I remember my mother 'won' a black and white television for the hospital from the News Of The World, she had to write a letter saying it was for a good cause. We were allowed to watch children's' hour. I really only remember 'Muffin The Mule' with Annette Mills. The nurses of course watched the TV when ever they could. There were not many TVs around then.
There was a boy called George Musker (spelling may be wrong). His father owned a coach firm and all the children who were not bed bound were taken to see the Blackpool Lights and the Tower Circus. One of the very few treats we had. Had it not been for George's father, we would never have got out of the place.
We had no education at all. Two dear old ladies from 'Scripture Union' would come in and try to tell us about Jesus, they might as well have been telling fairy stories, at least it had a little entertainment value. We were also taught raffia mat making. Coils of rope and raffia. I still hate to see them on tables. I did enjoy the embroidery classes. I remember embroidering a handkerchief with the coronation coach and horses on. (Where is it now?)
I left in 1953 and returned to Hessle in Yorkshire. A dumbo in class. I could not read or write properly and didn't know my tables etc as others did. I wasn't allowed to play games, PE etc., but I don't know why. I went on to a secondary modern school and was put in there fifth stream remedial class. Had it not been for having musical talent, there I would have stayed, but the music teacher recognised my 'skills' and I progressed up to the third stream, eventually taking 7 GCEs over two years. Can anyone remember me or those early 50s days?

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Aug 4 12 6:11 PM

i have lots off good times,but one that stick out most is being in the school choir,and having to sing in church,in are golden shirts,and green skirts,i also remember running up the hill for cross country,and taking part in net ball,swimming,and canoeing

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Oct 8 12 10:34 PM

Hi Angela hope u remember me as I had a brother called John and a sister called carol, u used to work in the sweet shop by my school in southmead and give me about £5 worth of sweets 4 10p, I used to really look up to u x

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Nov 14 12 9:18 PM

MIRIAM - "Does anyone remember a boy called Kenneth Bell. I think he was in Number 6. I have had a picture of him for so many years and I could never remember his suname until this very minute. We were at a reunion and Kenneth was a young boy still at Fairfield I remember him being quite timid and I think he liked me to look out for him. Paul Grange has seen the pic, if you reads this Paul do you remember him. Perhaps I may be getting a bit mixed up as if I was at the reunion I must have been a few years older than Kenneth."

I remember Kenneth very well.  He shared a 'shared' bedroom with myself and my brother for a while.  Quiet, shy, but a lovely guy :-)

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Nov 23 12 9:06 PM

I remember so many things of my time in Harpenden, walks to the local farm on Sunday afternoons, summers at the the silver cup pond. Severe case of chickenpox and a trip to the hospital. And not sure if I imagined this, but a chap in a morris minor who brought national health glasses to the home, pink for the girls and blue for the boys, we used to all put on glasses with no lenses and parade around.
Jonny Morris of Animal magic on open day, christmas parties and nativity plays, and season tickets for the swimming pool and going after school and at the weekends, feel sorry for today's kids, it seems like summers lasted for ever and we had so much freedom.
I remember being terrified of the childrens cemetry, but loved the Nicky line and waiting for the Blue Pullman.
Walking the dogs from the house opposite Mr Roycrofts house, being pulled over by the dogs and having another trip to the hospital to be sorted out and making a huge fuss.
I hated the days that relatives came as I didn't have any, so was allocated some pen aunts, most of whom I stayed in touch with for many many years.
And going to the Lyons ice cram parlour, what a treat that was.
Oh and that fab shop up by church green school, that sent the money in little shuttles across the shop ceiling to get your change.
I havent been back for years, maybe now the time is right.

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Nov 24 12 2:37 AM

Hello Lucy,

Pleased to see yet another Harpo on line.   Your memories put you at the branch in the late 60s I think, is that correct?      If you visit Harpenden now you will find that 'the village' is now a town but the centre is still easily recognisable.  Sadly the Blue Pullmans, the shop with the overhead shuttles, the nicky line and the Silver cup pond are all just memories now but to walk around gives the same feelings that it always did so do visit.   Highfield is very much as you will remember it, if you can, make your first visit on foot through the main gate and be prepared for a very large lump in the throat.  Highfield is now owned by A missionary school - Youth With A Mission, they run a coffee shop in the old block which is open to visitors.


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Nov 24 12 4:49 AM

I remember sports days on the Oval, getting through the high jump, long jump, and 100 yards sprint, and then not being able to finish the 400 yards.   Very embarrassing!!.
Also the magic and other shows at the Bernard Baron Hall, and when I was older the dances that were held there.  
Before Ferens was made into flats, I can recall trying to rescue  a cat that was stuck in the chimney   I got the cat down, and it scratched me, and left a  scar on my chin.   It did not appreciate being rescued.  I do not remember who's cat it was.    Does anyone else remember the maypole dance for a special Open Day - maybe the Coronation, or some such event?    I know I participated, but not sure who else did.

Harpenden 1948-1958  Ferens Up
Sister Ethel Smith

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