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May 12 11 10:42 AM

Hi Paul

Henry Langstone aka Tolbert here.

Do you remember Henry, Jennifer and Michael Langstone resident twixt 1953 and 56 on? Also in No 8 were the Bennett sisters, Joan and Barbara (older than the rest of us), the Smith sisters (three of, the youngest, Valerie, most favoured by Sister Doris), Rosemary Hart, Dorothy Ford, Arthur Brown(?) (an Asian laddie). Do you recall two 'old boys' Alan Graham and Charlie Wharton?

Are you the lad I used to call 'Rubber lugs' for which Sister Doris reprimanded me? I think I was 'head' of table as I ended up as eldest boy. If memory serves me right Sister Doris, when I was in her good books (not often), called me 'Hendry'. Sister Dorothy was also in No 8 and was engaged to an antique dealer from Harrogate. Did she ever marry him, because I see she may have still been at Fairfield after I left in '56?

Speak to you soon. Henry

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Jun 5 11 6:33 PM

can someone help?...would members of staff be listed in archives?...maybe Philip may help here, as i was in May Lodge Scarborough, fropm approx 1966  to 1969...would staff then, be listed?
 Particular looking fror a Mr Laister...think his first name was Richard....and help please?

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Aug 12 11 6:39 PM

HI Philip   I have looked through the Staff list and find it stange very few Harrogate Sisters ,the one that I owe so much to Sister Anne Clemence (? Clement ) is one I would like to know more about is there any chance you could oblige . Regards   Malc S    inglenook   1945-54

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Aug 15 11 1:50 PM

Hello Philip,

I think those of us who were in number seven would be very interested to hear anything you can glean about sister Flora,  although we know quite a bit about her already.


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Aug 15 11 4:31 PM

Sister Anne Pearl
Born 1908, Finished looking after children at harpenden 1966, Retired from NCH 1968.

Anne Pearl started her NCH work as a cook at the Painswick Branch in 1941,
Training school in 1942,
Danesford (NCH Boys Approved School 1943. Ideal trainining for looking after boys in later years at Wakefield House - Highfield.
Ordination into the Sisterhood in 1944,
Frodsham 1944,
Hapenden in 1945, Early years known s Sister Anne then  decided to be known as Sister Pearl.
Seaton (NCH Girls Approved school) in April 1948
Harpenden August 1948 until October 1966.
Harpenden NCH Background work until 1968.

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Oct 6 11 7:32 PM

Write to the records dept at Action For Children and ask if they could forward a message from you if the have had any recent contact with the staff.

Or when the 2012 reunion is on (main London event to beheld somewhere in England due to the olympics) and put a request for info on the notice board.


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Feb 5 12 7:25 PM

I remember the staff at whitby from 1947 to 1957,the time that i was there were,the head sister was sister evelyn woolfe being the head sister,who we were always were in awe,as of course she was so important,also there was sister marjorie malkham,sister mary evelyn eastwood,sister nancy wood,and sister helon mayor,i was in sister marjories family, and remember her as a very kind and understanding person,she always get us involved in hobbies that we thought were great,and from her i learned the name of every wild flower,and what plant this or that one was used for,also what to find in the cuckoo spit,how to decorate catkins and sticky buds,all of which were passed down to my children and grandchildren,in fact they were amused when i showed them what we used to eat from the fields,a plant that was sour ,so that was rhubarb,and bread and cheese from the hedgegrow,the looks i got anquestions were,will we get poisond!!!!!.But she was wonderful,and still is ,she now lives in Bath with her sister shirley,and her memory is as sharp as a button.
                         So thank you Sister Marjorie you were as near to a mum could be
                          and that goes for all the sisters your care will never be forgotten xx

Sylvia taylor

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Feb 5 12 11:59 PM

Hi Sylvia,
I wonder if you were in the group of Larpool Hall children who swapped with us Harrogate kids for two weeks for many years. We always thought we got the best of the deal being beside the sea.
Take Care
Malc T

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