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Feb 10 11 4:15 PM

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Comments, views, memories all appreciated on the following, which were activated  in my brain, from dorment past by e-mails sent to me, ( for which I thank them ) Ringo & Bertie Baldwin.

Time frame 1949/53.       Place Harpenden.      Author  E.J.Robinson ( Then known as Teddy)

1. 1949/50  Power cuts in winter.
2. 1949      The closing down of the laundry.
3. The hospital, first building past T.Shutts house, Dental checks & inoculations.
4. Open day, the Luton girls Choir.
5. One of the older boys on an old bike, with a trained Jackdaw on his shoulder.
6. Getting kitted out with clothes at the store, top off the admin block. ( next flight  up was 
    Sister gwens office.)
7. Batford junior school, teachers Mr Smith ( who ran the football team) & Mr Tate.
8, The village built in the woods out of straw from the bales in the field, the village went up in            flames one night.    
9. Albert Hall NCH show. Singing, gymnastics,( my brother Brian performed as part of the team),
    I was Maypole dancing.
10,  Woods in Spring, carpets of Bluebells.
11.  The old Cub hut down Ambrose Lane.
12 .Highfield School playground in winter, the long,long ice slide, nearly full length of playgound.
13. The Nicky line full of Dog Daisys in summer.
14.The Scout/Cub Jamboree in St Albans 1952, we were there,  Here ends my first Topic, Ted.

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Feb 1 16 11:48 PM

Hi my mum was called glenis Barnet

Hi my mum was called glenis Barnet she was brought up in a children's home in Harrogate a lady called Jennifer posted a picture on this forum of a group of young children one of which I believe is my mum I do remember my mum speaking of a boy called Raymond crisp and a girl called Miriam I would just like to know if anyone remembers her or maybe has a few pics thanks x Sonia 

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