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Mar 26 13 8:57 PM

Hi tony my dad Robert Hayles went there when he was 11 until he was 16. I think he left in 1969 / 1970 ish. 
The other boys name he remembered is Roy farndale. 
Thank you for your reply.

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Jul 22 13 2:52 PM

Hi there tony , on the just photos page i have uploaded photos of stelling in the early 70s , i am on along with my brother Mark ,sister Karen , do you remember us , i cant really remember as i was only 6 , were you there for the open day with Chitty bang bang, if so do you have photos from then , best regards Dean 

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Jul 22 13 3:03 PM

Here are more photos from Stelling Hall, i am on with my brother Mark and Sister Karen, we were in flat one with Miss Anne,from April 1970 /July 1972, can anyone remember us ,

 best wishes  Deane

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Jun 10 15 6:54 PM

can not belive i am writing this after 45 yrs i left stelling in 69 leaving my brother stephen there in flat one with miss starling but he told me not long after he ended up in the cottage with mrs whitehouse why he never told me first arived in flat one it was mr mrs bolton they had a douhter carn rememder her name there was alan purvis frances and his sister ann white i think she had a sister there but she left shortly after alan and billy think he looked like milky bar kid best mate ronnie cunningham flat 3 mr mrs timmson mareen kennedy dawn smith and sisters tony henderson nick mame you figure it out carnt remember chittybang imust have left by then mr mrs weatherley the best lest see ho else miss bradshaw miss laidalaw she will remember me keeped her up at night  few names ring bells tony fairley a littel girl called susanshe was in aphoto with ann white and my bro stephencould go on and on mayby next time ho am i you figure it out

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Jan 5 16 2:04 PM

''I was at Stelling Hall in Stocksfield too

Hi Dawn.

I remember you very well and your sisters Faith and Hope.
If I'm not mistaken, your then surname was, Smith.

My name is Brenda Blake, you may remember my sister, Denise.

I loved my time at Stelling Hall and when it came to my sister and I having to leave to go home, I wanted to stay.

We resided in West Lodge, looked after by Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead.  Their daughter was called Heather, I don't remember her having a brother though.  She was studying Nursing at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Gateshead. 

I remember all of those activities too, croquet, great fun, long lazy summer afternoons.  I remember also we used to go roller skating down the long drive way to the main entrance of the Home.

Do you remember Francis and Annette Mc Glade and Carole Graham at all.

The memories never leave you, that Gibbs dry cake toothpaste in a round tin and Bird's Instant Whip, Butter Scotch image.

There was a Chapel, it was around the back of the Laundry going to West Lodge, go through the arch as if going to catch that old school bus, on one of those sides, can't remember if it was on the right or left hand side now.

I think most of the kids went to Corbridge C of E School.  We had a Mrs. Fairless and Mr. Deckell, not too sure on the last spelling.

Used to walk about 1 mile to the nearest village to spend our pocket money.
Church every Sunday morning, the Rev. Gun, we used to call him Mr. Bang Bang.

I remember Derek Bailey.

Do you remember Maurice at all ?.

Loved those days, was so happy.

I live in South Africa now, have done since I was 19 years old.  I occasionally come back on holiday, my last visit was 2015 - August.

I hope I get to hear from you soon or anyone else who think they might know me.

Best regards


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Jan 5 16 2:15 PM

''Hi Phil''.


I remember most of those names.

Do you remember Denise and Brenda Blake at all ?.
We were in West Lodge with Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead, happy days image

Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care
Best regards


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May 1 16 9:19 PM

good old days

hi brenda racked my brains but sorry can not remember you you mite have bean a bit young i left in 69 but my brother stephen went from flat 1 to west lodge after breaking miss starlings finger can remember maureen kennedy  dawn smith ronney cunningham frances and anneat mc glocklan miss bradshaw had a crush on her the daviser tony henderson there is a picture of me my brother ann white little susan on the site some where holding a rabbit can go on and on pity there are so few peapel on hte site  miss laidalaw will remember my keeping her up at night lees said  head man was higham think falckingham was just taking over after i left  alan and billy elliotte flat 1 can not think of any one from flat 3 by my mate ronney cunningham hope to hear from you soon

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