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Apr 28 11 2:48 PM

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SHERINGHAM Westcroft, Hooks Hill Road, Sheringham, Norrfolk
1930: 57 Children.
General branch for 30 children.
In 1916 William Garrood presented his own home to the National Children’s Home and two years later a further gift was made of the house next door.
The two large houses, adapted and improved over the years, offer accommodation for children in the small, mixed family groups common throughout the Home.
A simple but impressive chapel has been added by converting the original stable.

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May 5 11 10:41 PM

I was sent to sheringham in 1959, I lived in hooks hill house mother was sister mary anderson. John woodman was the manager of the overall homes,he sadly passed away this year, I have very happy memories of growing up their and of course by the sea,during the summer on a saturday.after all the chores were done. we'd go to the beach and have a picnic.when i tell my youngest grandaughter about growing up by the sea she gets jealous. sometimes i wish iwas still their.

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Sep 1 11 8:12 PM

Hello Teresa!

I've got a very nice photo of you sitting on some steps with Eliza Galbraith at the top of the drive at Sheringham! Our very last reunion at Sheringham is weekend after next..September 10th/11th @ St Andrews Church hall, Cromer Road. We'd love to see you bring anyone you wish with you!! like grandchildren/family/friends. Sister Mary will be there too & others from your era.

I'm glad you have happy memories too. By the way, Mr Woodman was NOEL Woodman!!

You will probably remember me as Shirley & I used to stay with Sister Eleanor in Lowestoft family. Hope to hear from or see you soon!!

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Sep 1 11 8:20 PM

Hello! I've just written on here to someone else, to say I have photo's of children taken 1920's/30's and two lists of childrens names ...upstairs in my NCH briefcase! Our very last Sheringham reunion is this September 10th/11th @ St. Andrews Church Hall, Cromer Road, Sheringham.

If you wish to email me I'll see if I can help further, though I do believe there may be only one lady that I know of who may still be with us, though she is 90+ !!

Here's my email:

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#6 [url]

Sep 2 11 1:53 PM

hi,shirley.unfortunately i won't beable to come as i'm going to a wedding in the yorkshire dales.i hope you have a good time.everyone will be getting older,hope to hear from you again.

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Sep 5 11 5:48 AM

I don't know how many will be attending the Sherringham reunion this weekend.  It will be sad in a way, because it will be the very last one.  But we hope you have as wonderful a time as the Harrogate folks are planning to have.  We're looking forward to hearing all about it.


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Sep 8 11 10:23 AM

I will be going to this one.this will be my first one as I never knew about these before hoping to meet some old faces.It says on here 10 &11 sept. looked on the church events & have only got it booked for the 10th.does anybody know times.I was there in the 60s looking forward to seeing you all there.

gloria goodson

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Sep 15 11 4:15 PM

Hello I am so sad that I didn't find out about the Sheringham reunion until after the event. I did post an enquiry last year about Sheringham but alas no-one replied

My brother Harry and I were at Sheringham for a brief period, which I think was around 1955-6 or 7. Not sure, and I think it was for maybe 18 months. I don't remember names unfortunatetly.. A little vague I know but I am Cassandra Margaret Singleton and my brother is Harry Martin Singleton. He was a little rogue so will be moe likely to be remembered!

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Sep 15 11 8:45 PM

Hello Cassandra!

Only just spotted your message..oh, what a pity you missed us. We had a grand time, in fact, I'm still in Sheringham until t'morrow when we have to go home (boo-hoo!). I left in 1954 so likely you would have known the Pikes..Glyn, Jennifer, Graham, Edward, Cyril, Tony, Alison & Stella, and many more of similar ages.

Someone is bound to catch up with you as I shall be writing to everyone in the coming weeks to let them know about this site. We probably will see each other again but with a different format.
Keep in touch!


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#11 [url]

Sep 15 11 11:50 PM

oh it is a shame you did not know about the reunion, you would have been there the same time as me & my sister & brothers.I think we were there 1965 1968. what family were you with.Hoping there will be more reunions this was my first one & it was a great one.llovely meeting people from my time in care .yes shirley we have to see each other again & soon.

glo xxx

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Sep 17 11 1:20 AM

To all of you that came to the Sheringham Branch Reunion it was a most enjoyable one and the weather could not have been better. Although we have said this is the last one I am sure that others would like to carry it on.

It was good to see some new and younger members .

Any body out there wishing to take up the organising of a follow up.Please indicate.
Hope all those that required old photos on CD left their information so as one could be sent on.

The Sunday service taken by the Rev. B.Arnold an old boy of Sheringham was enjoyed by all and may I say it a memorable one.

Once again good luck in whatever you are doing  Hope to hear from  or see you in the future.


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#13 [url]

Sep 17 11 1:37 AM

hi ray
It was a lovely reunion. weather was good.cant wait to see photos of the day.I left my information for photos.cant wait to get them.would love a follow up & would help to arrange it .It was lovely to meet with everyone.

glo xxx

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#15 [url]

Nov 30 11 7:56 PM

You know what, all this talk about people remembering each other stinks, I knew Sister Phyllis for over 30 years but when she died no one could be bothered to let me know so I could go to her funeral. Yes, I am very bitter about that.

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#16 [url]

Dec 9 11 1:46 AM

To all you ex Sheringham Folk, those who attended the last Reunion and left thier names and address for photos /CD format.....Update is I have been informed That the CDs hopefully will be available by Christmas or shortly in the early months of the new year ..........Things in Norfolk move very slowly don't you know.......  some of you may be wondering why the photos taken on the day are not fof viewing on site . please be advised these have not been put on view due to the possibility that some people may not wan't thier privacy made public ....Hope this helps

Regards Ray.

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#17 [url]

Mar 11 12 8:39 PM

Hi don't look at the site that much i was there in the mid 60s in sister Phyllis family with my 3 sisters not sure how long i was there year maybe 2 i was happy there had a better life than being at home guess that might go for a lot of kids who were there (not all but some) have been back and did go to one of the reunion about 10 years ago, i now live in Vancouver Canada but if by chance there was a reunion then i would try to come over, try and make a point to come over to the uk every 2 years.Have tried for many years to get in touch with Tony Mary Christine George Zenenose i know that it is not how it is spelt. Most people names are just a blur now trust and hope all of us kids who spent time in the home are well

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#18 [url]

Jun 24 12 11:21 PM

Hi is there any news on the cds still waiting for mine. did not know wether to give david a ring .shirley I am a norfolk broad lol. how are things with you .xxx

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#19 [url]

Jul 13 12 7:34 PM

hi.ann are there any c.d.s or photos left?as i have no photos of when i was young,i know mr,woodman took alot of me. my grandchildren think i was born @ this age.hope u can help.teri binks.

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#20 [url]

Jul 19 12 9:43 PM

Hello Teri,

If you write to David Starling @ 15, Norfolk Road, Sheringham, Norfolk. NR26  8HJ

David has CD's available showing many photo's from Sister Rita's albums, which may include some of you. No-one seems to know what happened to Mr Woodman's photo's, though some were included in a previous CD which is no longer available.

Kind regards,

Ann Shirley

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