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Apr 28 11 3:26 PM

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EBLEY Ebley House, 235 Westward Road, Ebley, Nr Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 4SY
Nursery for 21 children.
Built of Cotswold stone and standing in beautiful grounds, this branch is situated on the main road between Stroud and Stonehouse.
Since 1943 it has been a nursery with a group of nine babies and two groups of six children between one and four years. There are staff nurses in charge of each group and these are assisted by student nurses, as Ebley is a recognised centre for training for the National Nursery Examination Board.
There is a small day care unit and a spacious conservatory where grapes once hung and luscious fruits and plants grew, now serves as a nursery school for young children from the neighbourhood as well as children of the branch.

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Posts: 1,812

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May 26 11 4:21 PM

Email sent into theirhistory 25.05,11

Message Subject = ebley house nch

I would like information on children and staff that were at Ebley during 1968 and 1971.
I gained my nneb in 1970 and am trying to compile a journal for  lynne davies nee hartly who was there at the same time as me  and will be 60 in june 
Many thanks.
susan eldridge nee adams

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Oct 26 11 11:43 AM

Can anyone help me my mum was in Harpenden and then  Ebley from age 2 1/2 until she was 13  she went into care in 1923 and was taken home in 1933 as she was old enough to work Does anyone have any photos of these two places during these dates please. Or is there anyone out there who was in these homes at the same time as my mum?
Thanks in anticipation of your help.

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Jun 2 12 10:31 AM

I was placed at Ebley when I was one year old in 1950 and then moved to Larpool Hall Whitby when I was 5 years old. I hadn't realised I had been at Ebley until I had access to my file which I saw when I went to NCH Highbury in 1990. I can't remember a lot at that age but one main memory I have is of us children having our afternoon nap outside on the lawn on camp beds after lunch (when it was warm enough). Was anyone there between those dates? Best wishes

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May 16 13 11:07 AM

I was at Ebley from 1961-1964. A student nurse 'Janet' looked after my group. I have very few pictures but remember a boy called Michael (who I believe is still in the  Gloucester area) . There was a boy called Mickey and a girl called Judy. 
Been back to look a few times and also picked up my file a few years ago. 
Would be interested if anyone has pictures of this time.

I now live in Australia but coming over in July. Will be picking up some photos of Ebley and will hopefully share then.

Does anyone remember a gardener sawing a branch off the big tree and coming down with the branch (he was sawing the branch from the wrong side)?

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Mar 28 14 11:23 AM

Ebley house 235 westward road Ebley.

I was here with my younger brother in about 1965 wondered if any old photos as do not remember anything at all.

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Dec 13 14 4:03 AM

Ebley 1965-1969

Hi David,
I remember the man cutting the cedar tree branch and falling down. I was a Nursery Nurse at Ebley from 1965-1969. Does your surname begin with a J? if so I may have a photo of you. The gardener ended up with broken ribs! The matron was Mrs Ellis in 1965 but she retired and Miss Winfield took over. There was a student nurse called Janet but she came in 1966. Do you mean her?
Michael J was there then and I made contact with his wife via genes reunited. I do not remember Mickey or Judy though.
I have been to a couple of reunions there over the last few years.
I do remember a Catherine with a brother who were there in 1966.

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Apr 4 15 8:03 PM


Hi maggie, I wonder if you remember me - I was at ebley house from 1966 to 1972 when I was moved to killay house in Swansea. I remember miss win field very well - she was like a mother to me and I used to come back every summer to visit her when I was a teenager - the place had been turned into a home for children with special needs by then and I used to love helping the staff to look after them

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Apr 23 16 5:48 PM

I'm working with Mrs Jefferies family to gather whatever information we can about her lifetime of service to the community and her extensive volunteering work which she's still doing age 87!! We wondered if anybody might have memories of her from her time at NCH Ebley House, Stroud, Gloucestershire. I'm told she left her home in London aged 16 and travelled on the train to Stroud to begin work at Ebley House in 1945. She was there a number of years before leaving to have a family during which time she fostered children and had families come from London for holidays in the country. Then, once her own children were old enough she went back to work at Ebley House maybe about 1965.
If you can help at all with any information or memories we'd be most grateful if you could message me.
Thanks in advance.

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