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Oct 23 12 1:15 PM

hi i was at watson house nch from 1959 to 1967 with four brothers and one sister we used to come to princess alice for swimming .what happened to both these homes

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Oct 23 12 9:34 PM

Anyone remember a Groundman for PAD, who owned a three wheeled Robin car? I remember him teaching or trying to teach Mr Meakin how to drive it, then as they went over a speed bump, it toppled over! Always wish I hadn't seen that, I use to go into fits of laughter each time l saw either!

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Oct 23 12 10:19 PM

sananns that was mr smith who you are talking about there used to be an old couple who lived in the bungalow at the the entrance off jockey road mr and mrs garside then there was the painter mr thomas who lived in the first house on the bottom row then mr smith who was the gardener  i remember the robin car though 

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Oct 24 12 9:36 PM

Hi to all who lived in P.A.S. between 1954 and 1966, my name is Richard Perks i was with my brother Philip and my sister Jennie, Phil left in 64 and Jennie in 68, Phil joined the army and stayed in for 12 years, i went into the army as well and was in for 26 years, Jennie married around 1970/71 and i lost touch with her, anyone who may know where she is can you let me know. all the best to you all,  Richard

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Oct 28 12 1:14 PM

Hi Richard, my name is Sonia Nelson-Cole (nee Taylor); I lived at PAS from 1950-1962 and was initially in Icknield house with my sister, Remi who left in 1957. I was later moved to Meriden House when Icknield House closed. (Sadly my sister passed on in 2002). I seem to remember the name 'Perks' and your sister's name rings a bell; I'm sure as memories are uprooted, I will be able to place you and your brother. What house were you in? There are quite a few of us from the 1950s/60s period who regularly visit this site - see other posts under other topics (e.g. 'memories') with quite a few photos. I now live in London with my husband; have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

I am happy to see others have joined this forum who were at PAS after the 1960s and it is interesting to read their posts and see how the home continued. Graham Dyhouse (from Meriden House) is planning a reunion for next year, so I hope all of us from the various eras can attend and catch up and compare notes from the different eras.
Best wishes, Sonia

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Nov 12 12 6:59 PM

i am David Rowe anyone there from Watson House 133 Birmingham Rd i was there from 1958 to 1965 with my sister and four brothers my house sister was sister mary my brothers house sisters wer sister irene ,sister margaret and forgotten other sister name apologies

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Nov 28 12 6:12 PM

I was in Princess Alice in the early 60's. I remember the Nursery though I was old enough to go to the small School. It had a large old tree in the Playground with Fungus growing half way up it.. I also remember the School Hall, running around it singing 'the young ones' I also remember singing 'She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah' standing on the tin bins. We had Saturday Church with a supervised walk into Town to spend our Pocket Money. Getting weighed at the Chemists was a laugh. 4 stone! Then Dixon of Dock Green and bed? Sundays, Breakfast Coffee made in perculators, Sunday School, Billy Cotton's Band Show and then a shared Bath. I also spent some time in our 'Hospital' with conjunctivitus. Next door was a Farm where they always had Chickens. Loved the tall Tree's by the main Road and remember us singing 'my boy lollipop' running around them. Really happy memories.

Marcus Clarke FRSA

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Nov 29 12 6:14 PM

Hi Sonia
sorry i have taken so long to answer but we have been moving around a lot ( moved from Turkey to Spain) and have just sorted out things, is that a photo of you with another girl if so i think it is Jenny who we have lost contact with a long time ago. Look after yourself and keep in touch. Richard

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#52 [url]

Dec 18 12 2:37 PM

Some names l can remember, top row, from left to right:-
Trevor, Maggie and Charles
Next row down ?????? Keep thinking l will remember, but then it goes!! will fill in gaps later, l hope! 
on the floor Gavin, Diane andSonia???
Me? must be out getting things or taking photo!!
This was taken when Butch and Sandie had the van for a short trip!!!, but we ended up in Scotland!!
Then the van broke down! Think they got into troule, but we all still had fun!

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#54 [url]

Jan 18 13 8:48 PM

Hi my husband was here his name is tony andrews he had two brothers paul and keith and a sister gail .he says he doesnt remember this picture, hasnt got any of himself at this age.

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#55 [url]

Jan 21 13 7:53 PM

So is your Husband Tony, who is in the picture?? if he wants a copy, feel free to copy that one. Hope that he is living life to the full and enjoying adulthood!! Seems so many years ago that we were all children eh? Does he have contact with Paul and his other siblings?? Hope they also are fine. Does he remember anyone in that photo? or have contact with them?

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#56 [url]

Jan 21 13 9:04 PM

Hiya, did he have brothers in there too, i remember going to switzerland on holiday whilst in Princess Alice and one of the Walshes dropped a paving slab on my foot and broke my toe! lol

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#58 [url]

Jan 22 13 8:33 AM

Yes, your right Gail, had forgotton the surname. Aston is right. They were lovely children, think l saw Gavin on This is You Life many years ago, when a Foster Mum was on, he was very tall, would of been about 16 or 17 then, very good looking. Didnt notice Sonia, but she may of not been there or on 'set'. 

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#59 [url]

Mar 25 13 6:33 PM


I was at PAD between 74-79, lived in Beachcroft with sister and brother. Had house parents called Andy, Dee and Linda. Remember the Siver Jubilee party .... was taught my left and right for a game!!

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#60 [url]

Mar 25 13 6:41 PM

Hi Wolf

I do believe the house you were in was Beachcroft, I'm (or was) Lisa Cameron! What's your name?

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