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Apr 14 13 3:25 PM

I was at PAO with my brother 1945 - 1953  Our names Douglas Holloway - Beatrice House,  Lynnette Fendall - Copley House. I wondered if anyone remembers us. I can remember the twins Ronnie and Josie Bradley. Douglas broke his leg falling down the coke pile with his bike. I loved time on the farm and going into Sutton Park. I can remember first names -Valerie and Margaret I am sorry  at not remembering surnames. I did remember spending time in the hospital with Kidney problems.
I wish I had come across this site when I first retired and been able to chat with people who had been there.        Lynnette (now) Singleton

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Apr 28 13 3:21 AM

Hi Hamlet.
My name is Kathleen Lane, it was nice to see someone that rememberd my Brothers Michael and Roy unfortunatly they have both passed away Michael in 2008 and Roy in 2012 .its good to see you still have reunions trouble is i live in Australia so cant attend.

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#65 [url]

May 27 13 10:23 AM

Hi David
My name is Hartmond Burgundy - Watson house 1966-70 please remember me to my old mate Malcolm how is he? also Keith might remember me as I would go running with him at the crack of dawn for a while. I remember you although you are much older than me so we did not mix. 
Does Malcolm know how Sister Joyce is always wondered she was kind and I appreciate all the more as I get older. Best wishes hartmond 

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Jun 1 13 8:30 AM

Dear John,

Welcome to the site.

Sister Margaret Hobbs was ordained by the Rev John W Waterhouse and entered the NCH Sisterhood in 1955.

Best wishes,


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Jun 13 13 7:53 AM

Hi it is nice to know that someone else keeps things to remind them of their life at the home, I also have my Hymn Book and also my Bible that I had at the home, I also have the commemorate coin that we were given for the coronation of the queen,
Kathleen Lane

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#69 [url]

Jul 13 13 7:16 AM

hi, anyone remember me peter brown i was there for 11 years in jevons then icknild with my sister pat who is on the right of this photo with val and i think moreen tonks , i left in 1964 i would like to here from anyone who remembers us

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Jul 13 13 11:02 AM

Hi Pete I'm robert on the members section, welcome to the site, glad to read that you are alive and I hope Pat is enjoying her life too.I went to Watford re-union on the 6th July and met Graham Dyehouse, Sonia Taylor (Girl in photo with Pat and Val) Allan Poole, my sisters Jenny and Jerina and Valerie (who just blew me away even after 50 years) I remember Sister Anne in Jevons and those cakes with caraway seeds in them (gross) and her temper ha ha.I remember our crazy lives in B'ham Handsworth area in the sixties, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, life is nice and calm these days Peter orange and lemonade is my favourite tipple and playing with my new-born grandson is the wildest pastime I get up to these days.I have photos of us at PAS which you may be interested in having. On the site click on the forum and then Memories and you will see that Sonia and myself have posted ours. Take care for now Peter remember me to Pat and keep in contact. rob

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Aug 5 13 1:40 PM

HiMy mother Valerie Turner (may possibly have been known as Valerie Wilkes) was a resident during the 1950`s and the early 1960`s. Val is alive and well living in Worcestershire. If anyone remembers Valerie from St Alice's she would love to hear from you. My mother does not have a computer hence why i am poting on her behalf.


hi please remember us to valerie  as we were in the same house as her, our names are pat and peter brown i left in 1964 and pat a year later, we were in icknild house we are both well and still live in birmingham tell her to look after her self  buy for now pete.

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#73 [url]

Aug 11 13 8:34 PM

Hi Peter hope your well, my son Robert posted that message sometime ago, but I have my own account now, so by all means message me directly. I remember you both from our time at Princess Alice, wonderful times their. I went to the reunion recently and met up with several from our time their. It was a wonder day.
Tale care and speak soon, keep in touch too

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#74 [url]

Nov 6 13 11:14 AM


I remember a Val who was blonde and a bit older than me, I was 7 yrs old when I left in 1964. There was an Alex, Lewis and a Terry in our house. Mrs Cook was our main career.

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#75 [url]

Nov 6 13 11:16 AM


Maybe?I remember a Val who was blonde and a bit older than me, I was 7 yrs old when I left in 1964. There was an Alex, Lewis and a Terry in our house. Mrs Cook was our main career.

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#76 [url]

Feb 21 14 5:50 PM

I remember you

Hello there, 
I was in Copley house 1953-59, my name is Gillian. The house sisters were Sister Anne and Sister Margaret. I was ten when I left. I remember Jennifer and Philip and also Jennifer Lloyd. I have recently received my records from NCH and is has started me investigating my past. Hope to hear from you.

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#77 [url]

Apr 20 14 10:15 AM

iwas in copely

Hello Gillian
I can remember you, I was in the same house as you, from what I can remember you had lovely red hair, hope you are keeping well I live in Australia, and have lived here for 40 yrs. I was Kathleen Lane when I was at the home.
All the best Kath

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#78 [url]

May 24 14 10:19 AM

Thanks for contacting me

Hello Kathleen
it was such a surprise finding someone who remembered me.  My name was Gillian Collins, I left in 1959 to live with my mother in Sutton.  I have been happily married for 45 years and still live in Boldmere.  I have two sons and two (and a half) grandchildren.  The Princess Alice site is now a huge Tesco and the last building - the hospital block was demolished last year.  Do you have any photos from your time in Princess Alice?  I don't, but I have claimed my records and they have filled in a few gaps  in my early life.
 I hope you feel able to share some of your experience with me.
once again thanks for replying.
All the best Gill

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#79 [url]

Sep 22 14 11:09 PM

Lived at Beatrice House Princess Alice Drive, left in 1977. Were u there?

Hiya, wondering if you lived at Beatrice House in the 70's... At Princess Alice Drive.

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#80 [url]

Sep 22 14 11:13 PM

We chatted before...

Hiya Wolf, haven't been on for a very long time. Hope u been keeping well... Did you ever receive my last message a while back asking if you could pass message to Julie Gumbley... I am hoping to attend a reunion one day... i live in Leicester now so would lke to travel down to make reunion.

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