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Apr 28 11 3:49 PM

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BIRKDALE Westdene Harewood, 39 Oxford Road, Birkdale, Southport, Lancashire PR8 2EG
General branch for 12 children.
The money for the purchase and equipment of this branch, opened in 1965, was drawn from the development fund established from the proceeds of sale of and at Sutton Coldfield earlier that year.
   There is an ever-present demand for places for children from Liverpool and other parts of Lancashire and Cheshire and this well-appointed family group home, with space for children to play and the amenities of Southport’s beach close at hand, makes a welcome contribution.

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Mar 27 12 3:25 AM

HI philip

i was a resident in Harewood oxford road birkdale  1976-1977 i think unsure of dates , i attended there with my sister theresa .
we were only there a short time whilst my mum went into hospital to have my younger brother and to get rehoused as we where temporary HOMELESS  !!   there was 5 of us children all together !!  myself and my sister where taken to harewood and my brothers where taken to Westdene  during our stay we had some fond memories i was at this time about 10 yrs old and my sister was 7-8 yrs old. i attended farnborough road school but sadly cant remember much about that lol. xx 

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May 9 12 8:09 PM

Hi. I was in Harewood from 1972-1979. I remember Theresa(Green). My name is Angela Hilton. I to attended Farnborough Rd  and later Meols Cop. Do you remember the white van we used to all go to school in. I have a picture of Theresa and me trying on the panty girdles of Aunty Anne when we were on holiday. Do you remember being in the Girls Brigade? Please get back in touch. Thanks Angie xx

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May 17 12 12:08 AM

hi angie hilton 

 of course i remember you !! you where like a big sister  always looking out for us yeah i remember the minibus !!    was it aunty jean who used to call theresa navy knickers lol   some fond memories of the staff and residents but especially  of bieng in the girls brigade i still went for a while after we left but it was costing mum too much so we had to leave sadly have you got any pics would love to see some. ive been in touch with paul hilton ann and kens son through friends reunited but when they changed the sight we lost touch he had some group photos he was going to email me but i never got them :-(  you never know he might find this site i did lol xxxx

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May 17 12 6:38 PM

I remember Aunty Jean. I send cards to Ken(sad about Aunty Anne) maybe he has some. How is Theresa? I think there is a girls brigade one on my facebook page. Ive tried tracing others but have had no look. I did go to 1 reunion. I will sort out my pics and try to send them either e-mail or facebook. Speak again soon xx

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Apr 21 13 2:27 PM

my name is paul duggan the peop[le that I can remember r uncle david sister Marjorie the children lived on 2 floors about 7 down stairs and about 5 up stairs good old days

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Sep 13 13 3:28 PM

WELCOME !!!    nice to see a new member :D    my 3 brothers where in westdene in 76 /  77
there names where 
eddie  maher /brown  he was 14/15  
ian  maher was about   6 
and karl maher was 4  
my self and my sister where actually at harewood  ive got some photos of them at that age which might jog memory but i dont know how to upload lol :D

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Jul 4 15 6:17 AM

Hello to all those who lived at 39 Oxford Road. I left in 76. I had met up with Uncle Ken a couple of times and since lost touch. And sad to hear about Aunty Ann. Back then I was called Wayne but have since changed my name back in 1991 after moving from Bournemouth, where I had been a male nurse for some years. I had attended Birkdale Secondary. It's pretty amazing to think that I left school with no qualifications yet years later ended up nursing on an acute medical and then medical wards. And back in 2012 attended The University Of Central Lancashire Preston to do an Access to HE and passed to have a full place doing a BSc Psychology degree. Feel free to say hello and connect FB 

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Dec 1 15 1:01 AM

39 oxford rd

I moved to Oxford rd with Edwin and Deirdre Jacks when it first opened.  We came from Highfield Oval where we lived in the Lodge.
l really loved my time in NCH and was dragged back to a very unhappy "family" life at age 15.
I went to Birkdale school and as a southerner was well accepted and would have got my O levels if I had been allowed to stay.

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