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Apr 28 11 4:12 PM

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LINCOLN Steep Hill House, Steep Hill, Lincoln LN2 1LT
General branch for 12 children In the heart of old Lincoln, close to the cathedral, a substantial eighteenth-century house set in a sloping triangular garden overhung by a mulberry tree is the Lincoln branch of the National Children’s Home.
A modern wing has been added to the old house and there is an excellent modern recreation room in the grounds.
There is a warm, family atmosphere to help boys to overcome their difficulties and good support is being received from the local community.

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Jun 19 13 1:34 AM

I (Kevin Blow known as Tyson at the time), was a resident for approx 18 months before moving to Evenly Hall near Brackley in Northamptonshire. I attended St Faiths Middle School with another resident ?Karl Hunt, when Miss Brocket was the headmistress in the mid 1970's.

Whilst living in the home I recall we appeared to have a lot of freedom to explore eg cathedral and norman keep - back in the days when you didn't have to pay/make suggested donation. One of my abiding memories was walking to school in shorts, even in the middle of winter. The garden was a good vantage point to pelt people below with snow balls. lol. The only member of staff I can remember is a Miss Joyce though there are others I can picture but not recall. Summer Holidays were at sutton on sea - we stayed in a ?church. We also went to mablethorpe and stayed in a caravan. I recall getting locked in the amusement arcade by accident on the caravan site we stayed at.

The home is now private dwellings with the games room turned into a bungalow and the entrance is gated, though I did get to go into the ground some years ago. As far as I can recall the mulberry tree is still there.

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Oct 8 15 9:04 AM

i was there also

i am jonathan darnbrough, my sister nichola darnbrough we stayed there for 1 or 2 years in the early 70's when i was about 5 years old . A Mrs Whitehead was the headmistress, and as far as i can remember i was petrified of her. i played in the rec room and cut my head open running and sliding underneath the table tennis table. I fell many a time running down the hill outside, those cobbles had it in for me. there was a joke shop at the bottom of the hill.
That mulberry tree i remember very well,  also the house ladies hanging up the bed sheets on the line and me running through them and colliding with another boy running the other way


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