Apr 29 11 2:23 PM

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To All Members.

This part of the site is fully public.

To solve the privacy problem, there is now a second group for us on Lefora.
It is for members of this group only to see and post, and those members will only be members who have posted for some time, and have shown to others that they are actual Ex Members of the NCH.

The content will only be visable to members who have joined, none of the content will be linked and it is requested that no content is copied and placed esewhere without the permission of the member that posted it.

If you would like to join this private group, please send me a private message via lefora with your email address, and I will send the Lefora invatation to join thr private group.
If you can give your current membership name it will help.
That should solve most of the privacy issues.

If you have only recently joinned this main group, or have posted only a few items, your membership will be delayed, until a later date.
It is not that we do not want you, it is just that prior members want to know that all members are ex NCH'ers.
However if you are not yet given membership of the private group and would like to send me a message via the Lefora Message system (top right of the page), please do so, it them might be possible to add it to the private group, and replies will be sent back to you.

If you need help in joining, please make a comment below, and I will try to help, but do not use this page for posting general information.

After you have applied to join the group, you will receive an email sent to your ordinary email address inviting you to join, you will to click on that link to get you in the first time.
If you do not get the email within a couple of days, please email me or send a message to me via Lefora.