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May 24 11 10:17 PM

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Dear Fairfielders

This site is tremendous, I have been trying for years to find people who have lived in NCH Harrogate and now thanks to Susan Relton I can communicate with like minded people.

My name is Martin Reid and I had the good fortune to come to Trevean House in June 1960 and stayed there for five years. When my father remarried he took us out of the home and back to Leeds. I can remember the moment he told us I was on the 'cinder path' and I just threw a strop because I did not want to leave the home and my freinds. Even to this day I knew I right, because I have never forgotten the home, its in my soul and will go with me to heaven.

Feel free to speak to me

Martin Reid 

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May 25 11 6:18 AM

Hello Martin
I remember you very well.  You were in number 4, in the care of sister Nellie, and I think you had a younger brother  ( John ?  Or am I getting mixed up with politicians ? ) and a sister ?   
We look forward to reading about your time at Harrogate.
Love jennifer

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May 26 11 2:41 PM

Great to see on the forum. Hope to see you in Sept. Remember your sisters Sandra &Susan. (think thats right) . Also recall you were all @ a few of the reunions. I was in no.7 with Jen Jones S. Flora & S. Sybil. Do you remember?

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Jun 3 11 9:21 PM

Hiya Christine welcome to the forum too, by the way my name is Martin not Maureen. I have read some of your comments which I found tremendous. Hope to hear from you again now that we are on first name terms. 



Martin Reid

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Jun 7 11 7:39 PM

Hi Dorothy What years were you in no 7 with Sister Flora & Sybil i can remember well when  Jenn Jones came i think we all spoilt her. I left in 1954 ,Vic & Chrysella were still there. I am looking forward to the reunion in Sep.

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Jun 9 11 1:24 PM

hi, Terry, I was in no7 from 1955 with my sister Norma & brother Graham. I remember Victor, Chrysella & Lynn Cornell. I finally left the NCH in1967 & went into digs.Should I remember you? Am looking forward to seeing everyone in Sept

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Jun 9 11 5:02 PM

Hi Dorothy  I was in no 7 from 1944 till 1954 firstly with Sister Edith Ayres and then Sister Flora & Sybil so a bit before your time , i was with Lynn Cornell and her sisters June & Sandra and Chrysella & Victor Wright, also with Jennifer Jones she came as a baby when i was there.

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Jun 9 11 6:32 PM

Of course there was your brother Tony too in number seven during those days.  And there was also Graham Arrowsmith and Freddie Parker.  Not forgetting the two lovely German girls, Hannelore and Brunhilde.  I don't know if you were still there when the Starkey family arrived Terry ?  Christine, Howard and Colin.  The two boys went to Ashfield College.

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Jun 9 11 7:43 PM

Hi Jennifer ! Yes Tony was there to and all the others you mentioned, i cannot recall the Starkey family. We did have a German boy in no 7 his name was Christian Adams i cannot remember when he left i am sure he was older than me.
Love Terry

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Jul 5 11 11:08 PM

Harpenden Reunion.

Youth With A Mission requests that in the main part of the grounds Animals, Aliens ans Stokies are kept on a lead.


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