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May 28 11 1:11 PM

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I can not remember what the name of the home was but I stayed in two one in Ashford Kent and another nearby they were both big old houses with lots of children in one right by the sea.
Anyone know how I can find them not sure how to start. 

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May 29 11 3:35 PM

Hi i do not know if this is of any help but the NCH branch at Ashford in Kent was at Doddington I was not there but i know they tried to send me there from Harrogate so i could be nearer my mother , she did not like the idea it would mean she had to come and see me. The other NCH i know of in Kent is at Hildenborough  very near to Tonbridge. I do not know if they are still in use.
Regards Terry

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May 29 11 4:19 PM

Re Sea House another link
From 1965 to 1972 my sister and i spent some time in a childrens home locted in Sycamore Gardens at Dymchurch.Can any one help with any information about the childrens home which was run by a couple of realy beutiful people called 'Damian and Marion.Any information no mater how small would be greatly appretiated.

Thank you.   

  • Re: uncle Damian and aunty Marion by Mike Routhorn (Member 10170408) on 25-Nov-2005
    There was a childrens home called The Sea House at the end of Sycamore Gardens. Our family moved to Dymchurch in 1971 round the corner and we used to play with the children on that patch of greenery out the front.

I'm suprised I can remember names so well after all these years but there was Nina and Andrew Spring, Sodira Theodosi, Barbera Preston and the Trendle brothers, Danny and Scott. Don't... more >>

  • Re: uncle Damian and aunty Marion by Michael Trottier (Member 10210432) on 9-Jul-2007
    Hi I stayed at The Seahouse Sea Wall Dymchurch on several occasions circa 1966-1968.My name is Michael Trottier and my brother was Rolly.I remember having fun times with Francis Zammitt and Ann a girl from London.We would put on shows and sing dance and play for hours.Anyyone remeber tel no 01622 220072 or email
  • Re: uncle Damian and aunty Marion by MICHAEL TROTTIER (Member 10231813) on 15-Sep-2008
    Hi Michael here again I spent time at The Seahouse circa 1966-1968 and loved it remember Ann Moore and doing plays in the main room...
  • Re: uncle Damian and aunty Marion by Pauline Gill (Member 10251719) on 8-Sep-2010
    My sister and I spent some time in a childrens home in sycamore gardens about 1952/1957. At the time it was run by a Mrs Beacham. I was very young and came home when I was five but can only remember happy times there. One of the houses close to the home was owned by a Mrs Ellis. If anyone remembers the home then it would be nice to here from you. My sisters name was Susan. I do remember one ... more >>
  • Re: uncle Damian and aunty Marion by michael trottier (Member 10258528) on 26-Feb-2011
    Loved The Sea House my email is
  • Re: uncle Damian and aunty Marion by lizzie (Member 10260300) on 12-Apr-2011
    I was there in the early 70's with my brother Richard and sister Vicky. I remember Scott & Danny Trendall, Darren Hollingsworth, auntie Maggie and her daughter Rosa. The home was run by Graham and Joan and they had 2 boys of their own called Martin & Sammy. Have very fond memories of the place. Was at The Paddocks before The Seahouse.

  • ----------------------------
    Both Homes appear to be Non NCH Branches.

    Good luck with your serch.


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    May 30 11 9:28 AM

    Hi Terry,  I was also going to be moved to nearer my invalid mother & sister, who lived in Edenbridge, Kent, so if circumstances had been different we could have ended up at the same place.  However, I was so upset at having to be moved away from Sister Edith & my home, that in the end they decided I was better where I was.  THANK GOODNESS, because I loved it at Harrogate. I can't remember how old I was, probably about 10.
    love Di

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    May 30 11 9:39 AM

    Hi Di It was funny reading my file how they had been trying to get me moved nearer my mother but she was not having any of that, so i am glad i stayed in Harrogate to. Edenbridge is a lovely part of Kent and not to far from where i spent some years before i got married. I lived near to Sevenoaks so i know the area quite well, I still have a lot of my family living in Leigh next to Hildenborough where they had an Nch home.
    Love Terry

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    May 30 11 9:59 AM

    Hi Terry, I spent 3 or 4 summer holidays in Edenbridge, going by train in charge of the guard to begin with.  My sister would meet me at King's Cross.  I know quite a few places nearby & had a Grandmother living in Four Elms, who I only saw twice, loads of aunts, uncles & cousins dotted around the area, my mother being one of 12.  None of them ever helped practically or financially my sister looking after mother though.  But you're right it is lovely countryside.  When my daughters & I did our family tree, we also have ancestors from Leigh ha ha.
    love Di 

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    May 30 11 2:07 PM

    Thanks so much for the update, it really helped
    I can not remember extact dates but myself (Susan) and my sisters Wendy and Shirley stayed at both the Paddocks and the Sea House for some years around the mid 1960's to the about 1970 still doing some digging on that. my memorys of the stay in The Paddocks was great memorys and seeing picutres of the house has really help me peice together my childhood as I can not remember much any one around at those times that can remember please let me know.  Face book page on the paddocks is great its just brining back so many memorys (GOOD ONES)  

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    Jul 21 13 11:25 AM

    Both my self & my brother  (Colin Hooper) stayed at the Sea House between 1986 to when it closed in the 90's.
    The staff were great, Graham Bradford, Pat Morris, Katie, Dot, Inger Hayes, Ellsey, Sam, Rob, Jennifer who fostered us. Linda Harris.
    The children at the time were Terry & Chris, Lee, Jessica.
    I can remember the painting still to this day is on the wall in what was the play room.
    I have looked at this property which has now been sold a number of times, it looks like the building has been changed, some of the rooms have been changed whilst the rest of the building is still as it used to be.
    I enjoyed the long walks along the wall to the end at New Beach, I still go down when I can & have a look. how Dymchurch has changed over the years.
    we went to Downsmead School (Now Highview) in Folkestone, I moved over to what was Channel High School, (this school has now been Bull dosed).
    We also had a boat on the lawn by the shed & every so often, we would take it up to the beach, the many hours of great full.
    Also sledging on the banks when the snow fell, again hours of sledging.
    We also played on the Green, the whole of  Sycamore Close would play Rounder's.
    From the sea house, we could see Dungeness Lighthouse & the power station.
    I went to the 1st Dymchurch Scouts.
    I also remember the friendly Police Officer (Tom) who always poped by when ever in the village.
    If anybody remembers me, do feel free to contact me.

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    Oct 29 14 6:04 AM

    my nick names is Bugsy or Boo I remember the Paddocks & Seahouse I stayed at Both 1969 to 1972

    Good old days and all the Camping Trips upto the Pond boating and Apple Fights Uncle Mike was a great bloke HAPPY DAYS

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    Oct 29 14 6:35 AM

    Hi I was at the Paddocks and seahouse about the same time as you with my 3 Brothers Steven and Chass & Dave
    Good old days allways wandered what happened to uncle mike I went to the Deer Park this summer and found the sand pit blimey its still there plus I remember a few of us we carved out a Chalk Elephant on a big hill called Egg hill its still there today as you go into Folkestone you can just make it out cant miss it 

    Happy Child hood days

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    Apr 21 16 11:57 PM

    The Paddocks

    Hi everyone I remember the paddocks my 2 brothers were there for 2 years William and karl they were very young I came to stay a few times at a few weeks at a time can't believe I found this page :)

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