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May 30 11 8:10 PM

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Has any Fairfielders got any memories or information regarding Mr Pruden. 

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Jun 5 11 3:23 PM

I used to babysit for Mr & Mrs Pruden. Penny & Edward.I used to think it a great luxury to stay over in the 'posh' house!! Mr Pruden was at my wedding but don't know where he moved on to. Daphne used to drive a Volvo sports car.

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Jun 5 11 3:51 PM

Hi Dorothy I alos used to babysit for Mr Prunden and yes I also used to stop over, and remember thinking he had a posh house, I made a big mistake by giving my stamp collection to his kids, it could be worth a fortune now - who knows !! I am assuming Daphnee was his wife, which is slowly coming back to me as I type.  Going back to your reply to me on the pics, I may have been a bit cute but no I am not a hun, I saw a pic of you and your grandchild and you look amazing, but  th you are still only a baby are you not, I am 62 and think you are younger than me.
I have taken time out today to visit the site because I am suffering with back problems so resting for a change, instead of galavanting about, I usually go for a swim about now, so I have rested for a change today, totally out of character for me, as I am always on the go.

going back to the boyfriend I said you nicked, he was called Gordon ? and had a morris minor, he was about 24 years old, so quite a lot older than us, one day Mr Pruden gave him permission to take me out for the day and I insisted that I wanted you to come with us, I remember Mr Pruden talking to me to say it was not wise for 2 girls and one boy. As the day drew on he was fancying you and  he was flirting with you and I got quite jealous, and when he drove us home he insisted he drop me off before you at your house, I never saw him again after that because I knew he fancied you more than me. You know its ironic I cant remember his surname but I do remember his car registration PDN 9 - wow!!  Does that jog your memory a little? oh dear it sounds so childish doesnt it, still we were very young girls, I bet if we saw him today we would both go UGH!!!  Anyway will sign off for now, speak later, hope the family are well. Miriam x

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Jun 5 11 4:15 PM

Miriam M !,
If I'd known you were carrying on with a person that age after I left, I would have come back and sorted you out!, and that younger Silk girl !. Did Norma know or had she left too, The younger generation !, I just dont know.
Malc x

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Jun 5 11 4:19 PM

Excellent you are a star  I cant wait to meet up with you I love a wicked sense of humour.

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Jun 9 11 4:23 PM

hi, Mim, wow yes, you have jogged memory. I remember the car & the outing but not the boy!! We went to Southport or Morecombe & I thought we were so sophisticated.!! I don't recall the flirting or anything after the trip so he can't have been so ALL THAT! Sooo sorry if I upset you.Do you remember going to Ferryhill With myself & Lelly & staying with a couple up there? I recall bits of it & it was mentionned in my file.They took us to Bridlington & we went sea fishing . I thought Iwas dying!! Happy days!!
Love Dotxx

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Jan 3 12 1:31 PM

Hi there, I haven't been on site for a while. 
I used to clean the Purden's house on Saturdays and also played guitar with Pennie during school holidays.

I was in contact with Mr Pruden up until about 10 years ago.  I hadn't received word one christmas so I rang him.  The poor man had suffered a stroke and was in rehab.  Pennie was now a school teacher and living in Plymouth.  She told me her Dad was doing okay.  Sadly the christmas cards stopped after a couple more years.  The family was lovely - very kind and understanding.
Will always be grateful our paths crossed.

Sylvia Swan (nee Bambrough)

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Feb 1 13 1:38 AM

I was sorry to hear about Mr Pruden.
I knew him from Ryalls Court, I didn't see him that often .If I did it would mean I was in deep doodoo lol.

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