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Jun 19 11 11:39 PM

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iam looking for a childrens home in bath it might be demolished threeways children home bath

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Jun 20 11 1:03 AM

Hello Angela
                            If you are looking for 'Three Ways home', Odd Down, Bath, Somerset I am afraid you might not get much joy on this site.   Three Ways Home was a council run establishment up until the late 1930s and probably stayed that way. I regret I have no  information later than that.  I hope you have a bit more success with your search elsewhere.


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Jun 20 11 1:18 PM

thankyou for your responce my partner steven fear was in  three ways childrens home in 1976 my brother gary fear and my sister sharon fear were there with me if anyone were there or remembers us please leave a message

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Mar 29 12 8:38 PM

i am looking for any info, memories, photos for my mum, who was in St marys home for girls in coldash newbury, in the 1940,s. she has written some memoirs just for fun, well it didnt sound like fun! x

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