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Jan 28 13 5:40 PM

Hi everyone!

Just a rerequest!  If anyone has any photos of the interior or exterior of Harrogate (preferably from the 70's), aerial shots etc, I would be very grateful if you could either post them or let me know!

Best wishes to all.....

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Feb 6 13 9:40 AM

Well, finally and after issues with Royal bl**dy Mail, I received a copy of my NCH records yesterday.  I can't commend Action for Children enough for their persistence and assistance in making sure I received them.

Took me all day to read and 'digest' them.  The gamet of emotions was something I wasn't prepared for - fury, sadness, amusement, surpise, tears and occasionally fondness. 

I was also very shocked to read of the reasons for me being entered into care - which were quite different to the 'excuses' my biological parents gave me years later.

Still - was good to see them, and I'd highly recommend that anyone who hasn't, to request their records.

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#203 [url]

Feb 6 13 12:52 PM

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for sharing this process with us.
Yes, it is quite an emotional roller-coaster, waiting for those files, and then later, seeing what's in them.  I think I went through a very similar gamut of feelings, too.  I learned some things about my life that my family hadn't exactly been forthcoming about either.  All a bit vague and airy-fairy about some important stuff.
Still, I think it's very valuable to go through the process, and know a few facts, however incomplete even these records may be.
I firmly believe that that it's the truth that sets us free.  But I also like what the American poet, Emily Dickinson said, that

"The truth must dazzle gradually,
or every man be blind"

Very best wishes,

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#204 [url]

Feb 6 13 3:24 PM

Hi Matthew and Shelagh ,After 18 months of trying for my records I got them about 2 wks ago and I must say I learnt a lot about myself ,Oliver Twist had nothing on me with my shirt in tatters and no other to put on ,didn't realise how badly my dad looked after me , thank goodness for the NCH .How ever ,grateful as I am for the records I got they are not complete but have been told they can't (won't) give me any more . Regards   Malc S

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#205 [url]

Feb 8 13 1:31 PM

I was amazed to read my records.... never knew I was was on the 'Handicapped Register' during my whole time in care (due to 'battering').  Never knew that by five months old I had had healed broken bones, NAI's (non accidental injuries), and was so severely malnutritioned and diarrhetic that I spent six months in a convalescent home!!!  Talk about things coming out of the woodwork!

But despite some of the horrific things in the records (and the things that can be read 'between the lines'), reading them has been a cathartic and interesting insight into parts of my life I only have limited recollections of.....and would highly recommend it to anyone who might be nervous but curious about their NCH past....

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#206 [url]

Feb 10 13 4:03 PM

Hi Deborah, have tried to contact you several times but don't know if  the messages have ever reached you. Would love to catch up on old times. I remember both you, Susan & your parents very well. We were in the choir together with Sister Sybil. I even named my daughter after you 'cos I always envied you your name!! Susan may remember our night out together to see The Beach Boys in Leeds. Would love to hear from you either here or by'private messaging'. I was in no 7 with Jenny Jones. Have also caught up with Roger 7 many others. Thank goodness for Phillip & the Forum!!
Love Dot (Silk) as was.x

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#207 [url]

Feb 27 13 1:18 AM

Hi, I'm Sarah. I was looking on this forum tonight to see if I could find any pictures of my Grandpa. I believe he first came to the children's home in 1937 and was around 10 or 11 at the time. I saw someone posted on here a picture of a Christmas party in 1942. My Granpda was in that picture. I wondered if there are any more?

His name was John Bell, and he had a younger sister called Muriel Bell.

Kind regards!

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#208 [url]

Feb 27 13 1:45 PM

Hello Sarah
Yes I can recall both John and Muriel but they were both older than me by a few years.i put that photo on the forum because I am on it too. It was a Christmas party in House number 8 and if you look at it carefully you may see 2 small boys, one looking at he camera and the other with just the back of his head showing. That is my twin Ste and me.
Please be sure we were a very happy bunch of children!!
David Green 1942 to 1954

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#209 [url]

Feb 28 13 9:27 PM

    I'm a new member on the forum, and not sure what I'm doing, I wondered if anyone remembered  Michael and Pat Rawclifffe.  Michael went into the home around 1948 and I  joined him around 1954, we were in house number 5, with sister Alice.

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#210 [url]

Mar 1 13 4:36 AM

Hello Pat,
Yes I remember You and Michael well, I was in number 1 along with Graham Kirby, David Curry, Miriam and Bernard Morgan,  Glenis Barnett.
I left in Dec '59.
Welcome to the forum, so nice that you've found us all, follow the pages back and you'll find some great photos of our time there, and people that I'm sure you will remember.
Take care

Malcolm Tomlinson

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#211 [url]

Mar 2 13 10:34 AM

Hello Malcolm,
 So lovely to hear from you, I spent many hours last night reading messages on the forum, and looking at photo's, I felt very emotional ! I remember Doris Nudd she really looked after me when I first arrived at number 5, I remember her visiting a family in Newcastle- apon- tyne, who later adopted her. I seem to remember your name, you wouldn't be the nice boy who used to walk home with me from Western Primary School by any chance? I remember the Calvert boy's. I was in the chapel choir, a member of the Scripture Union,I went to Ballet lessons all at Pannal Ash.
  Have a lovely weekend,
       Take care,  Pat


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#212 [url]

Mar 2 13 8:28 PM

Hi Pat,
             I went into Wheatlands secondary in Sept of '59, so it's possible that I was the Nice Boy that you walked home with from Western Primary. However, I think I was still running home with Curly and Bernie et al, scrumping apples and kicking anything that could be construed as a football and generally getting into mischief.
I started walking home with girls when I went to Wheatlands, two especially come to mind but being a gentleman ?.
 Can you recall what year you joined the choir?, because I was in it until I left.
Enjoy the photos, and yes, they can spark a few emotions can't they.
Take care
Malc T .

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#213 [url]

Mar 2 13 11:01 PM

Hi Malcolm,
        I went to Wheatlands in Sept 56, so I don't think it would have been you, I seem to remember your name, and thought maybe that was the reason, I think I joined the choir in 1955.
   Take care

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#216 [url]

Apr 10 13 9:51 PM

Hi Jimmy, my name is Helen Strutt, do you remember my sisters Maggie, Mavis, and Elizabeth, and also my brothers Lawrence and Harry, i think Maggie was in welfield and i lived in no 2 as did Mavis, i remember your name although i cannot put a face to you, do you remember Brian and Rose Lawson Brian and my brother Harry were best mates back then always gettin into some sort of trouble, I remember Sadie Cowie and some of the others Gerard Buckley mentioned, do you also remember Ernie Lerigo, jesus he was so in love with me, omg i was only 11/12, me and Harry went to a reunion somewhere in town about 19yrs ago and he had a photo of maggie and he swore it was me, i was pretty annoyed when he wouldn't give it to me as maggie passed away in 1990 she was 31, anyway he thought i was lying about it not being me so he kept it, Anyway how are you and your brothers, i hope you are good, I was pretty devastated when i found out that the home was all gone as i would have classed my years there as some of my best i would have quite happily stayed if i had a choice providing they stopped chapel on a sunday, i hated that, oh well i hope you get in touch with some of the others and hope you have had a good life since leaving as i have, hope to chat soon, all the best Helen.

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#217 [url]

Apr 14 13 10:27 AM

Hi Pat welcome to the forum I too was in the home when you were there but I along with my brother's and sister's were in number 4 with sister Nellie. Instead of me telling you everything it would probably be best if you look in the MEMBERS tab at the top of the page I am on page 6 or 7 and my name is DELLINZ if you click on that you will see all of my info, and if you recognise me or the rest of the family please leave a message on here for me, I'm away from tommorrow for a week so if I can I will reply to you while I'm away if not I'll do it on my return. I have just called one of my sisters Rosemary Quinton and she thinks she can vaguely remember you.
I applied for my records about 8 months ago and have just recieved the good, or bad, news that my records are ready to send to me hopefully they will be with me the week after next, I wait in antisipation.
Agood day to you all,
Derrick Quinton.

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#218 [url]

Apr 14 13 12:47 PM

Dear Heinz,

I'm sure that our Harrogate friends would want to join Rodney and me in sending you and Birgitta our hearty congratulations, as you celebrate your Golden Wedding Anniversary today.  We hope that you'll enjoy the celebrations.  Take care and get plenty of rest afterwards.  It would be lovely if you could manage to share a photo on the forum of the happy occasion.

With love and very best wishes on this special day,

                                                          Dorle and Rodney.

Click here to view the attachment

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#219 [url]

Apr 14 13 1:41 PM

Hi Heinz,

Congratulations from Lewis & me for yours & Birgitta's Golden Wedding Anniversary today.  Hope you have a lovely day & the sun shines.  love Di

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#220 [url]

Apr 14 13 2:54 PM

Hi Heinz let me also add my congratulations for your golden wedding Anniversary ,my how time flies doesn't seem that long when you were like a big brother ,hope you both enjoy yourself's and good luck for the future     Malc S  (malcolm Salmon ex Inglenook)

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