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Dec 21 15 6:29 PM

Happy Holiday

This is the time of year when I think back to 40s/50s didn't we had it good , toys and food you know what that meant to me don't you Di  even if you where in a different house to me .We were spoilt and I'll be forever gratfull for all the care we got. Anyway I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR ,and take care love to all my Brothers and Sisters  Malcolm S

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Dec 23 15 4:16 PM

Hi Bro Malc, Nice to see you still hanging in here !, The same to you my friend, yes, we so lucky, and so spoiled, stocking full, pillowcase full. So many activities and partys, especially the Police college one. unforgetable
Stay well malc, see you in Sept ABW
Malc T

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Dec 24 15 1:02 AM

Goodness gracious me! did some on say something?
Happy Christmas to you two Malcs and any other Harrogatians who are awake. Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to all.


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