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Sep 1 11 12:50 PM

Hi All
Have managed to label the names of all bvut one on this photo; It basically is of those who attended the Dance school in Otley Rd (1952 ish)

Hope iy helps some of you


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Sep 1 11 11:57 PM

Hi Steve,

Thanks for providing the names on the Fountains Abbey photograph.  While the names of the people and the venue are now clear, the reason for my being there is still a bit of a mystery.  I was never a member of Miss Markham's Dance School.  I can only surmise that I must have been invited to join the group because I was friendly with Rita Wilson.  Rita used to stage informal dance shows in our joint back yard on Saturdays, and we all used to love dressing up in her dance costumes and to try on her tap dancing shoes. 
 There is one girl whom I failed to recognise altogether, and that is Margaret Wrighton.  She was in Miss Blackburn's class along with Hazel Edmunds and me at Western Primary School. I remember one year Margaret went in for a talent/beauty contest.  The auditions were held at the Royal Hall, and some of us went along to support her. I remember all the girls had to recite the following:
                                                 'April, April, laugh thy golden laughter,                                               
                                                 but the moment after, weep thy silent tears'.
Margaret won the contest and we were all very proud of her.

On to the subject of your health, I hope your recovery is continuing well.  The husband of a friend of mine had a similar operation some years ago, and we were amazed at how soon he was given exercises to do.  It really paid off, because in a matter of months he was doing a 2 mile daily walk.  Anyway  I shall see how you are getting on when I meet you and Jackie at the reunion next week. I'm really looking forward to that.  Best wishes,  Dorle.

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Sep 2 11 11:40 AM

Thanks Dorle
My progress is amazing even in my eyes!
Am walking in the park every day and trying to increase the distance each time; Managed a whole nights sleep last night for the 1st time in 5 weeks.
After we get back from reunion, I aim to start singing with my chorus again; We have a big show & Competition in Galway 7th -9th October & I'm down to perform in that.
When I had a chest xray yesterday in addenbrookes, they said my new (Pig's)valve showed up well & I asked if I could get apple sauce on the NHS which raised a laugh in the xray dep't !!

See you this time next week; We'll be setting off early Friday and stopping off at Brother David's (Doncaster) for coffee & on to Di's where we aim to stay 2 nights. Then we'll be visiting my eldest Daughter Jill who lives in Harrogate.


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Feb 27 13 1:21 AM

Hi, I'm Sarah. I was looking on this forum tonight to see if I could find any pictures of my Grandpa. I believe he first came to the children's home in 1937 and was around 10 or 11 at the time. I saw someone posted on here a picture of a Christmas party in 1942. My Granpda was in that picture. I wondered if there are any more?

His name was John Bell, and he had a younger sister called Muriel Bell.

Kind regards!

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