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Nov 4 11 8:35 PM

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I am at a loss, so I will offer the question to our members (NCH).
How many children did Sister Pearl say " I have left you a little something when I die" More than a few I suspect. Yet after a suitable lapse of time I happen to approach Mr Harkness (the gentleman sister kept house for on retirement, X banker) in the regards of sisters will. Not being very forthcoming he just replied, "Anne did not make a will to my knowledge" For those who knew Sister Pearl would find this hard to believe, To leave her affairs incomplete would be paramount to not cleaning the house for a just would not happen.
Does any member know any differently?

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Nov 5 11 10:25 AM

Hi Sis, Oh yes Very happy memories given freely by the lady I call Mum. Without doubt I share these memories with many children who she cared for. You know me so well sis so you will understand when I say that the guidence she gave me is only just coming out. I am at last content with my present life and want for nothing else.
The reason for my question was not for gain,but more of sister saying one thing yet Mr Harkness saying the did not add up.
Anyway I have my answer now from another member via PM.
God bless and pass love to the gang from us all here
xx Jacinth-Pearl, Jacinta an me

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Nov 10 11 9:15 PM

The mans' name was Gerald Filtness, Bobby, and she left a pair of earings to me, which I cherish with my life. This woman devoted her life to us and what we inherited was her love and beauty and commitment and complete and utter devotion, Do you not think that that was enough? Gerald was her life saver and benefacter. Anne was in a little bedsit when she met Gerald and was likely to stay there untill her dying day. He looked after her, as she did did him, till the end....God rest her soul. AMEN.

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Nov 10 11 9:19 PM

Anne had nothing in this world to give ,but her love and devotion,she had no money or posessions. she was a sister wasn't she? How do you think she earned her millions?

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Nov 11 11 12:34 AM

Hi Sandra!  So great to see you here!  I think you're right--the sisters had very little material wealth, I would think.  Unless they came from a very rich family to begin with.  I don't think that could have been the case though.  They gave their lives to our care.  It boggles my mind to think about that now.  Where in the world does that sort of thing happen now?  The folks that sign up to fight in foreign wars come  to mind, but even there, it isn't for life usually.  Just a specific period of service.
But what a rich life the sisters must have had in some ways!  I suppose we were their little "treasures".  Well, sometimes, anyway!   And I certainly value what I learned from them, and from the NCH in general, during those extraordinary years I spent at Harpenden. I know I owe Sister Cora a lot, and she with a crippled leg as well.

Shall I see you in July?!

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Nov 11 11 1:40 PM

Anne had nothing in this world to give ,but her love and devotion,she had no money or posessions. she was a sister wasn't she? How do you think she earned her millions?


Oh my what a nest of hornets I seem to have awoken. You have each read every THIRD word I wrote and jumped to your own conclusion as to what I was asking.. As usual you are all wrong in what that conclusion is. Dont you think I am aware, as you are, the position of Sister Pearl as a Sister and later in retirement.
When you girls have calmed down and climbed of your ivory perches I will explain my post a little further.
MONEY? PERSONAL GAIN?.....This has not nothing to do with my question about a will I would be very gratefull if you would get of your high chairs just for one moment. If you have a question to verify any post I put here, then send via PM and I will be happy to explain in detail what is on my mind.
Judy, Sandra, Shelagh....Who is asking about fianancial wealth, because I am not. Sister Pearl put together a photo album of me from the first week in her care to the last month when I was transfered to Leicester city Cottage Homes. This is what she said she would keep for me until her time came. PHOTO ALBUM of my time with her..
What would I need money for. I now live in a third world country where my concerns are how to put shoes on childrens feet and rice in their mouths. The moral is dont get high and mighty until you know the whole story.

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Sep 14 12 8:13 PM

Hi anonymous 975085.
Reading your reply to some of the messages, I think I have worked out who you are. 
Was I in flat 1 with you.
About 20 years ago did Me and my wife visit you on Portland,but lost touch when you moved.
If I've got it right, please contact me. I would be great to meet up with you again.
If I'm compleatly wrong, then I apologise. 
Kind Regards
Dave Butler

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#8 [url]

Sep 19 12 4:49 PM

Hello David,
Yes, your observations are correct though I no longer live in Weymouth.
I am living near Kidderminster in the west midlands with my partner Ken.
It is great to hear from you. tell me how Julia and the family are.

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Sep 19 12 6:19 PM

Hi Sandy. 
I'm so glad that I have found you again.
I'm living in Frome, Somerset, where I was born, and my brothers and sisters all live nearby.
Not much to tell you about Julia. We got married to young and only lasted for about 6 years.
I have been married to Teresa for 30 years now. Still best of friends.
Are you in contact with any of the other people who were in Harpenden the same time as us?
I see Lenton's name crops up on this web site but as yet I haven't managed to contact him.
Did you go to the reunions? 
I will definatly be at the next one, whenever that is.
If you want to contact me direct, here is my number


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