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Nov 25 11 1:23 AM

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Dear all. I am overwhelmed by the positive response to my post. Either by reply on the same page and by PMs.

However, I can not say that I have ever been a nice person in my past. I spent my youth taking other peoples cars that cost me my liberty on several occasions. Am I ashamed of my past? YES, Do I regret my past? NO!, Its what leads me to who I am today. Cars were my downfall, the urgent need to drive was so strong, but never once did I damage or destroy any car I stole. Used to go from A to B and left for the police to find with ease. Apart from cars being the loss to the owner for a while, I have never stolen from anyone as a burglar might. I have paid the price for my sins of folly and now live a life in peace with all I meet.

Why my brother feels the need to attack me via this forum heaven knows.

 To Jeff I can only say that this forum is the public area for ALL those ex NCH, past and present.

 To be able to post whatever they have a mind to WITHOUT THE FEAR OF SHAME, HUMILIATION OR RETRIBUTION FROM OTHERS.

It is not all about “THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JEFF OWEN”.

336 members and all we hear from is him with the golden touch, Lets all give him a pat on the head and swiftly move on… ha I don’t think that’ going to happen some how.. just a feeling in my bones..


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