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Nov 27 11 3:31 AM

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My family.

Please allow me to introduce my family;

This is in regards being incare.

Pat (deceased) Jeff, Judy, Garry and myself.

Although we belong to the same family, we are, to a degree very different from each other.

Whatever path in life we chose, each one of us have excelled in our calling.

For Jeff, it was organs. His knowledge has no bounds and gets better as time passes.

Garry; Master cabinet maker. This boy is clock mad, the older the time piece the bigger the smile. Very mild mannered and willing to offer help and advice to anyone who cared to ask.

Judy; The hostess and historian for the family. She can give details for an event that maybe happened years before that the rest of us have long forgotten. Dates for birthdays and quite possible the weather on the day, Judy is the one we all turn to.

Parties, family gathering ect, this girl sure knows how to throw a party. I am always in awe when I see what she puts together.

Then there is me. The some what blacksheep of the family but hopefully made good.

Electro-mechanic engineer and later teacher for Deaf children.

As individuals, we have individual opinions. That is we, as a family don’t always see eye to eye. We do have our fallouts, one or two biggies, but as a family we will always love and support each other no matter what is said. I hope the members will keep this in mind when they read our posts.

With this post, I am publicly offering Jeff an olive branch. I do truely hope he takes it and this forum can get back to its true intentions. That is to be able to share our thoughts and desires of past and present.

Thanks Bobbie

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Nov 27 11 5:12 PM

Hi Bobbie,iv just read your lovely message about our family,and this is how brothers and sisters should be,sticking together and supporting each other,which is some thing i have always tried to do,and continue to do,we all struggled out of that black and dark hole when we were little children and we were left alone to fend for our self and i looked after you and jennifer, but we have all made it ,lets keep it up and be happy with the life we all have left love your sister judy xx

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Nov 27 11 7:18 PM

Hi Bobbie,
              what a great letter, lets hope it all works out for the best.  None of us are
             getting any younger are we.  Families will have their differences but lets
             hope it can be worked out. Our family of five have been trying to trace
            our half brother for over 50years but if he has been adopted then there
            is nothing one can do apparantly according to the salvation army but
            we will not give up hope Glad to see you have made a good life for yourself
            Bobbie shows what a bit of hard work can achieve
                                                           all the best 

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Nov 28 11 2:18 PM

HI Brian!
Just want to wish you good luck in the search for your half brother.  Don't give up!  Our family, the Cosgroves, were contacted a few years ago by a long lost member--my oldest niece as it turns out.  She never gave up searching for her real parents, and was at least able to see her mother before she died.  She has not yet had any luck finding her father.  She's a lovely person and we're all glad she's back in touch with her family of origin!  She lives in the UK, and I don't know exactly how she managed to find us, but I think there must be agencies that can help, nowadays.  I don't know what they are, having been in the U.S. for many years now, but if you would like, I can see if Linda would be able to offer any help here.
All the best,

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Nov 28 11 2:51 PM

Hello Brian, hope you are keeping well,good luck in trying find your half brother,dont give up keep trying, look at me ,i found our Garry after 50 years,take care love judy

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Nov 28 11 6:58 PM

Hey Brian.
There are some great story's of reunions on here and I hope Yours is going to be amongst them soon.Best wishes to You in Your search for Your Brother.I'll be routing for You and thinking of You.
                                                                                 Good luck
                                                                                         Christine.  :)

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Nov 29 11 3:03 PM

Hi every body,
                  many thanks for the kind words and encouragement re-finding my half
                  brother.I knew the people on this site would understand and i thank you
                  all for that. Of course we will keep on trying he will be 63 now and of course
                   time marches on Have you all got your  Christmas shopping or are you
                   like us leaving it to the last minute the shops here in Farnborough are so
                   crowded and they say everybody is cutting back Take care everybody
                   and thankyou

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Nov 29 11 5:20 PM

The Purchase of Mince Pies in England.

Due to the way our supermarkets work it would be cheaper to purchase 50 mince pies than 49, (five boxes of 10), but even cheaper to purchase 60 mince pies than 50 as the deal is but six - get six free.
but 72 might be even cheaper than that, buy 12 get 12 free.
Now Children, how many boxes of 12 mince pies would I need to buy to get 49 mince pies?, and is there a hungry child to eat the remaining mince pies.

Question 2. How many mince pies did he eat?


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