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Dec 10 11 7:28 PM

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Hello i have such found memories of sister carol she was like a mum to me and helped me grow up knowing someone cares for me she loved the chrildren in her care and we all knew she was there for us no matter what.
even treat my children like her grandchildren and that meant to much to me i can never thank you for all she did for me looking after me from the age 9 to 16.
when she came to stelling just after mr and mrs falkingham so much changed there we were treated as children we were allowed to go play out, grow our hair instead of haveing to basin cuts we had before. she listened when we needed someone to talk to and huged us when we need one. we got to know here family and spent time with them at there house and they would vissit us too.

thank you so much for your care


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Dec 11 11 12:56 AM

Hi Lesley, welcome to the forum. Your memories could be written by anyone of us in NCH, Its a touching story most of us can relate to. There are a few of us that were not so lucky in as much that either the Sister or the setting caused much tumoil in such young lives, Many questions still had no answers even to this day. It is through this site we can share the good and the bad times and find a balance.
I was in Flat 1 up with Sister Anne Pearl and I can boast to being loved even more than you ha ha.
We all look forward to your post and the all important photos that you may have hidden from the world.
Best wishes Bobbie

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Oct 24 12 3:20 PM

Hi sister Carol use to have me in her flat for cookery. My house mother was Susan Laidler. I also have such fond memories of Tom Falkener he took me under his wing. He die so much for me and Ill always be grateful to him.

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