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Jan 3 12 10:31 PM

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Hi everyone,
I've just found this site, and thought I'd ask if anyone remembers me or my brother Grant.
I don't have many memories as we were at Holmwood when we were quite small. We left when I was around 6 years old.
I remember a member of staff called Sister Fiona Fletcher.
Does anyone recall her or us?
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Jan 6 12 4:33 PM

Sorry Audrey.  I left in the April 1963 along with my sister Caroline.  We were in the Robinson family headed by Sister Doreen. I don't remember a sister Fiona.  I remember Miss Bottom who was the superintendent at the time!

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Jan 12 12 6:05 PM

Dear Audrey,

Yes, I remember Sister Fiona Fletcher who transferred from the NCH Holmwood Bristol branch to NCH Chief Office at Highbury. 

Sister Jean Gray joins Executive

For the first time in the history of the NCH, a member of the Sisterhood Order became a member of the NCH Executive Committee.

Sister Jean Gray, Staffing Secretary, was appointed at a meeting of the NCH General Committee on Wednesday 21 April 1971.

Sister Jean had spent most of her working life with the Home.  After a few months at Alresford branch, she spent a short time with the branch in her home city of Bristol before taking the one year course at Highbury in 1949.

She was ordained into the Sisterhood two years later when she was working at the Birmingham branch.  In 1954 Sister Jean was transferred back to Bristol to be in charge of the newly-built Perkins House at Holmwood, which had been given to the Home by an American supporter.

Ten years later she was made Sister-in-charge of Bristol branch.  After gaining the Advanced Certificate in Residential Child Care at Newcastle University, Sister Jean joined the Home's Chief Office Staff at Highbury in October 1970 as Staffing Officer.

I also remember Sister Doreen Cousins who left residential work to be come a Social Worker at the NCH South West Regional Office that was located at Holmwood, Westbury on Trym, Bristol.

Best wishes,


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Jan 19 12 7:39 PM

Hi Audrey, I was in Perkins House from '69-'78 and sister Fiona I remember very well. Also I remember sister jean and Doreen cousins was my social worker for a while. What years were u there? My name then was Monica Browne but I'm now known as Monique.

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Jan 20 12 12:36 PM

I remember Sister Jean Grey.  The person in charge of the Robinson family when I was there from 1955 to 1963 was Sister Doreen Boyce.

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Feb 5 12 11:59 AM

Does anybody remember Edith Eori she was from Hungary and was admitted to NCH care as a refugee.
Ediths mother remained in a Camp in Austria where Edith used to return for visits.
Edith has attempted to trace her family without success namely her father or any other relatives.
Edith upon arrival at Holmwood could not speak English.
Leaping forward Sister Jean was very kind to her and is Ediths youngest daughter Katies Godmother,but somehow Edith lost touch with Sister Jean.I believe that Sister Jean also made Ediths wedding dress.
Edith was adopted by a Charlie and Wily Loveday( Wily was Dutch her full name being Wilhomena.
Can anybody offer any information.
I am Ediths Brother in Law
Ged Clarke

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Mar 2 12 10:45 PM


I think I was at Holmwood in 1973ish, but I was very young, I am awaiting my records, does anyone have any pics of then, I dont have many clear memories but I do remember when watching TV, a lady member of staff who used to sit in an armchair with her leg hanging over the side of it,from memory she was quite strict but I cant recall any names, does anyone else remember her? and I also remember a really friendly dog, I think he was like the Andrex dog, very friendly, I was only 4 or 5 at the time though, can anyone remember any of this?


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Nov 28 15 10:26 AM

The dog was called  Judy and the strict woman sister Doreen Boyce does that help

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