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May 7 12 1:22 PM

Hi Di!
Wish I could hum or whistle that tune for you, but I don't think Lefora has either option for posting! :-)  I could sing it and record it, of course, and then attach the recording--but you may be sorry you asked!
You might try seeing if there's a YouTube recording somewhere on the internet.  It's surprising what can pop up there. Nice pics of your garden.  What a plethora of spring pics has suddenly "bloomed" on the forum.  Love it!  :-)

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May 7 12 1:28 PM

HI Roy,
My sister used to tell me that the flowers on her hydrangea bush could be kept blue (instead of turning pink) if you put wet tealeaves around the bush whenever you finish a pot of tea.  Would this work for bluebells do you think, to keep them blue?  Just a thought!  And much happy tea drinking in the meantime. (Can't remember if it actually worked for the hydrangea, but it sounded good). :-)

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May 8 12 6:47 AM

  It's such a dilemma  -  we don't want the dandylions Roy, but we don't spray them because we want the insects and the birds.  We compromise by keeping the veggi plot & garden round the house free of weeds and let the meadow run wild.  Fortunately we don't have any neighbors to complain about the seeds !

I think the Hydrangeas grow pink or blue according to whether the soil is acid or lime Shelagh.   Whatever, they're best in a damp climate.  Ours are blue when they start to flower, but soon turn a dreary grey because the hot sun bleaches all the colour out.


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May 8 12 1:18 PM

Hydrangeas respond to both iron or copper being dug in around the roots.  I have used the filings of both and had the most beautiful blue colour. Two seasons after I stopped they reverted to a mix of pink and blue, this is no great loss as I like them this way also.


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May 22 13 7:02 PM

Hello All
Where has time gone, 12months since Roy opened this topic, with his Cuckoo.
Spring has i understand arrived according to the weather experts on radio Lincs.

By the way Malc, we had flowers in the growing in the Highfield " lawn" namely the Oval
but they still cut the grass. ( Daiseys)

Heres a couple of photos to show Spring is possibly here.
               Regards to all Ted

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment

Harpenden 1949/53,flat 14, Sister Daisy Sherwood.There with my brother .Left Jan 53.

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