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May 27 12 5:35 AM

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i was brought up in care from the age of 5 in1968 till i was 18 in 1986
i was brought up in care in northampton 
the childrens homes i went to are
tralask - dallington northampton -  the staff we used to call were aunty and uncle 
egerton house -  brackley northamptonshire - the staff were mr mrs wright - mr smith - mr lane- i do remember more but i forget - i know this building has been knocked down 
hollyrood hostel - 3 the avenue dallington northampton - the staff were -  mr mrs hempsall - ken - this building has been knoced down - i do have a cd i orderd from northampton archives showing the building as it was when it was a girls school before it became a childrens home
445 wellingborough road - i forget the name of the home - the staff i can remember are mrs car - thier are more but i forget
im after any information reguarding the years i spent in care from 1968 to 1986 
thanks for taking the time to read me 

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May 27 12 10:30 AM


I too was brought up in the nch along with my siblings and we lived at Evenley Hall from 1967 to 1975 which is in Brackley Northamptonshire.  Did you spend some time at Evenley Hall as I cannot find Egerton House listed as a branch of the NCH?

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May 27 12 2:23 PM

thank you for replying - i didnt goto evenley hall in brackley - all i can remember about egerton house is was next door to st peters with st james church - egerton house was situated on the land where church view is now - if u look on google maps u will see - egerton house was big - it housed 27 boys and all the staff - as i recall and the school home was all in one - i was about 11 i think around 1974 when i went to egerton house - ive been trying to find pictures information about egerton house but at the moment ive hit a blank wall - i wish when i lived thier i took pictures ect cos its a shame such a wonderfull old building with so many memories has gone forever - i still have my memories in my head and those will last me forever
im not sure if any of the childrens homes bording schools i went to belonged to nhc - i just dont know - all i do know from the age of 5 i was put into the care of northampton social services for protection from my mother - i wont go into details - and everytime i used to run away evan at 5 years old when i was at tralask - i ran with sandwiches tucked up in my red jumper from dallington the avenue  to kingsthorpe lockwood close in northampton - i evan recall asking the staff we called um aunty and uncle to make me some sandwiches as i was going to run away - no one stoped me  - i was allways brought back in a police car - my dad allways made sure i was safe
the playing field next to the church in brackley  is where we used to play football every saturday morning in rain or snow
and pocket money if i can reall was 35pence a week and if u was naughty u didnt get any - we used to walk up church road to high street to a newsagents sweets shop to spend our money - 35 pence was alot of money - many a week i never got no pocket money - i wasnt a bad child i dont think i was just wild
its amazing i cant remember what i did last month but i can remember nearly everything i did as a child - where i lived ect - the staff who where very special to me 
one thing i do remember - i allways thought people were robots cos i was never cuddled and this thought stayed with me till i was nearly 15 or 16 years old  
thank you for taking the time to read me and thank you for replying to my message 

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May 28 12 8:32 PM

Ok. Was in Brackley on Sat. for the Evenley Hall re-union. I know of one person who after leaving Evenley Hall went to work in Egerton House but not sure how to trace him for you I think in the mid to late seventies.  Can pursue that line of enquiry for you if you wish me to but it may take a while to get any response. Hope I can be of some assistance to you.


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