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May 27 12 8:58 PM

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Hi all, my son has just helped me upload some of these pictures, and over the next few days I will upload a few more. I hope some of you recognise someone on here, please let me know!
Cheers for now,

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May 27 12 11:59 PM

Good pictures Steve,
These had me guessing as some parts are recognisable but others appear to be wrong, then I decided that they were a group of children fron another branch visiting Harpenden for summer holidays.  The top picture showing their departure from somewhere and the lower one is the temporary family group whilst on holiday.  In the lower picture the children I have marked as 'a','b','c' and 'd' appear to be the children on the left of the front row of the top pictures, i.e. the visitors.
In the lower picture :-
No 1    Face familiar but name escapes me.
No 2    Tony Strange
No 3     Possibly Jacqui Schrieber
No 4     Possibly you Steve
No 5     Rusty (Royston) Gauntlet
No 6     Fatty  (Dennis) Gauntlet
No 7     Bones (Brian )  Gauntlet.
I think that all the back row could have been Sister May's normal family but am not sure of Nos. 3 & 4.
Rusty is wearing long trousers so must have been at least 13 at this time circa 1950/51.
The visitors are easily spotted - they are wearing socks, no one in Clifton wore socks at play in summer.
Well Steve, thats my two pennarth now I bet you will tell me it is all wrong!

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May 28 12 10:40 AM

hi Royl, what a great disciption, i`m waiting for some more responses,
the only one i can say i think i know is me,
and if i`m right i am the one at the front that you marked as D,
on the top picture i am 3rd from the left  in the front row, as you look at the picture, 
the girl next to me is Patrica Thornton, and the blonde boy behind me is my older brother clive,
apart from that at the moment i do not know much else
sorry to seem so vague ( MUST BE THE AGE ) lol cheers for now from steve

i still have a few more photos to put on, and will do asap

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May 28 12 1:16 PM

HI Steve!
Great pictures.  Alas, except for Sister May, I can't say I really recognize anyone.  But boy, do these bring back the feeling of those times!  Thanks for posting them, and I look forward to more. Who knows, I may be able to identify someone at some point. Anything taken after 1952 would be after my time there, and might be harder for me to identify, but of course quite a few of the same people would have still been around as well as the newbies.
Thanks for posting!

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May 28 12 8:28 PM

hi again shelagh, i have a few more pics to put on so hopefully you will see someone you recognise,
remember i was there for about 7 years, i believe i went there from a home in woking when i was 2 years old, so i was probably there from 1948 through to 1955,
I got a reply from royl,
in it he mentioned many possible names, wich might help, so please check it out
best wishes for now from steve

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Nov 18 12 6:33 PM

Great pictures Steve,
As one of the babies on this site I was not born when these were taken but it is nice to see what went before my arrival in 1965 age 8.

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Sep 17 13 7:22 PM

                                What a wonderful set of photos ect you have collected over the years.
                                Well done sir to go to all this effort,to keep the n c h history alive.
                                One dos not come across,a person like you,who cares so much,about
                                these wonderful homes.
                                May I say I don't like the change name,from the national childrens homes.
                                I was in the grange,n c h old bramhope west Yorkshire,from 1949 to 1956.
                                IF they, the STAFF,did instill in me,and there was plenty,of things I took
                                IN.  [ IT WAS COMMON DECENCY,TO OTHERS,NO MATTER WHAT RACE
                                WHAT CREED ].
                                I will leave you with a saying,our house master,told us boys.
                                MR FARRER was his name he seid the following------------------------------
                                IN LIVE---always remember you are as good as the next person,
                                BUT ---- never forget you are no better.
                                OH by the way ive got a large amount of photos,of boys and girls
                                and from 1941 to the present day,at the nch old bramhope.

                                                       from Ronald tully or is it ellington.

                                   the dear wifes e--mail,in small print------------------

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