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Jun 23 12 12:11 AM

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I thank all the staff and others who made PAS happen,also I thank the kids who were there
alongside me making our journey a time to remember.
Some of the staff I recall: Mr Lenton, Mr Brassington, Mr Ross, Mr Whittington,Mr Trent, Mr Thomas,Mr Digby, Mr Hardwicke, Miss Parsons, Miss Nixon.Staff who looked after me; Sister Anne-Jeavons house, Sister Pam Carter, Miss Timbrell and Miss Nicklin-Icknield house. I recall the other houses surrounding the green were, Wand, Beatrice,Meriden, Seymour, Marsh, The Hospital, Elizabeth, Jeavons, Icknield, Copeley, Shaftsbury, the newer houses were called
Grenfell, Livingston,Beechcroft and Orchard
Names of the kids that I recall in my house were: Gwen Cureton, Valerie Wilkes, Susan Bilborough, Susan and Irene Burke, Pat and Peter Brown, Edmond Quigley and Steven Clark and my 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
Other kids I recall were:  Sonia Taylor, Dilys Powell,Margaret Mathews, Josie Bradley, Maureen Tonks, Joan Parkes, Sandra Hayes, Heather Cannon, Pat Cunningham, Beryl Chesters,Edith Lake, the Samuel sisters, Roysten Chadney, Jack Spencer, Allan Poole, Howard and Chris Dutton, Graham and David Dyehouse, Roy Farrell, John and Michael Debens, Ronnie Goodwin, Eric Chesters, Horace Lake , Terry Parkes, Ronnie Bradley, Michael Tuckley, Arthur Cannon, Gene and Alan Bezuidenhaut, Patrick Hayes, Joey Watson, Duncan Southam, Kenny Hubbard,
Alex Tanqui, Louis Isaacs, Chris Parnell,and a scot named John who played goalie in our soccer team, he was so good.
I remember our soccer/cricket field,(my absolutely favourite place ever) playing 5 a side and gymnastics in Brampton Hall, rounders on the green, Fete days, Founders day, Christmasses, holidays at Sutton on sea and Alverstoke, picking potatoes 2/- a bag on our farm, winning a soccer cup at Boldmere St Michaels FC, spending a week-end at Harpenden aged 15 and going to my first disco and my first dance with a Harpie girl to Lets Dance by Chris Montez, fantastic
please take me back. Bye Bye
PS for 1940s PAS kids have a look at this link

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Jun 29 12 11:32 PM

Hi Allan you do know my name its Rob Adams, John Debens thought his name was J Sutherland I'm glad your memory is intact and Al you were better looking then than now, you need a Wayne Rooney transplant it only costs 30k. Catch you later Al 

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Jun 30 12 11:05 PM

Sorry about that Rob, without a surname I was a bit confused,  there were even names there that I'd forgotten, I'll dig out a photo of John Stirling of a football team we both  played for, Off to the reunion this Saturday, you seem to sorting getting around this site, I keep looking for PAS old boys and girls, there must be some more out there about to come on the site. speak soon,

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Jul 2 12 5:51 PM

hi al, am wondering if anyone  from going to london for the re-union i do know that sonia lives in london, are you in touch with mr ullah he lives in tamworth near my brother david bye the way do you remember you and i in the gymnast team going round the midlands town halls and thee and i walking in opposite directions 
across the stage on our hands bye for now have to go and play crown green bowling.


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Jul 3 12 1:24 PM

Hi Graham, there are others from PAS but they are all about 10 years older than us but they have their stories, Sonia is coming for the first time, and Robert Adams formerly (Ullah) is unable to attend as he is working, yes I remember us in the gymnastic team going round the town halls, and doing hand stands across the stage, see you Saturday.

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Jul 5 12 11:09 PM

That's a whole list of names from the past and how disappointing, and probably significant, that I didn't see mine!

I swear I played in goal for most of my time there, I remember we won just about every game we had by a huge number of goals to nil, but I guess I was mistaken.  (I still have the medals we got for some cup too)

I was in Livingstone House with my brother Robert from '58 to '62.
Jacke Spencer, Duncan Southam and I were in the same class at Boldmere High School. I lost touch with Jacke while we were both in the Navy, back in contact now, and never heard from Duncan after '63/64

good to hear from you

Peter Saward

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Jul 8 12 12:18 AM

Hi Peter, please don't feel disappointed being left out, I'm a scatterbrained old man, you, your brother Robert, Vanessa Lewis, Elizabeth Atkins, Albert and George Court plus Peter Bayliss were meant to be on my post too, I mislaid my orignal list and posted from memory, when I found the original I was mortified to find names that I'd left out. I also wanted to post that I remember watching the 1958 cup final between Aston Villa and Man' Utd in the changing room hut near the football field with others I can't remember. I remember too Liz Atkins coming to PAS on founders day, married and just bought a house, I recall they didn't have a stick of furniture and were sleeping in sleeping bags, no instant homes in those days we had to be patient. I can remember you having a crush on Val Wilkes,also your good self and Jack Spencer inspired me to join the armed forces, now I would say that was very very significant. I wish I had remembered too that you were goalie in our team and I'm sad to say I cannot remember the names of many others that also played in the best team in Sutton, I'm so jealous you still have your medals, I just hope that others will post their memories so we can all fill gaps in ours, there are many other ex PAS children whose names should be on posts like this and I for one want to see them. Take care Peter. Robert 
PS I would like to read your memories on this forum too

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Jul 8 12 3:36 PM

Hi Robert,
I too remember the time when the only television in the entire place was the one in the "changing room shed" (That place had a name but I cannot remember it.)  I do remember that it was also the place where Mr. Ross housed all the new shoes and having to explain why there where holes in your old ones before getting a new pair.
Getting a note signed so that one could go out on a Saturday night, usually to the cinema in Sutton Coldfield. It didn't matter what was showing!
How only the 14+ kids got to do the cool stuff without all the much younger children tagging along and having reached the advance age of 14+, one was allowed to wear long trousers!  Always with extremely wide bottoms, and thus the height of uncool in a time when 14" bottoms were the rage, we would seek out anyone who was able to alter the trousers into something slightly more fashionable.
Mine were done by Mrs. Clark, the cleaning lady in Livingstone, whom I met again in '70 or '71 when I returned for a quick visit before leaving the UK for Gibraltar. That, unfortunately, was my last visit back to the old place.  During a visit to the UK for my daughters wedding in 2004, I live in the USA now, I drove up to PAS to show my wife and grandson the place of my early life.  Imagine my surprise when I reached the Beggars Bush roundabout to find that there was no Bush Field but instead there were a bunch of stores and supermarket!
Took a while to find Princess Alice Drive, that didn't exist back in the day, and the NCH office.  It was late in the day but a kind security guard let us in and brought us up to date. In the current NCH offices they have aerial photographs on the wall of PAS, in its prime, so I was at least able to show the family what it used to look like.

I remember working on the farm, run by Mr. Hardcastle,  with Horace Lake. Being allowed to drive the tractor and milking cows at 5am.
Being called "Geekey" by Royston Chadney, before Geekey had its current meaning, spitting contests with Colin Cowden, polishing the slide with bread wrappers with everyone.
The bottom tennis courts, the choir huts (nuff said), the laundry roof (smokers paradise), the Bedford van with one long wooden bench seat on each side (must be illegal now); dances in Brampton Hall, (Never again would I do The St. Bernard Waltz!!); the number of times we had to attend some form of religious meeting in a week (14 when counting school assembly too); football and cricket on Bush Field; Tippit and Run; Slog it and Shy; keeping of the grass in the winter, except when it snowed; Gymnastics on the green, the broken collar bone( X2) as a result; Chester, with his perpetual broken arm, (at least it seemed like that) the never warm swimming pool; the fun we had in it;  Athletes Foot, an unheard of condition before I joined PAS; walking to school everyday and back again, Sun/Rain/Snow making no difference but most of all I remember that the good times far outweighed the bad times.

Just some recollections of my time at PAS. Note I have avoided many names here, I remember the names of all the usual suspects, but not all the names of the faces that I recall. One name I have not seen mentioned on this forum is Mary Wellstead, another crush!

My one regret about my time at Princess Alice School is that I have no photographs of my time there and that saddens me when I see the pictures posted here. I know there must have been some but whatever happened to them is anyone's guess.
I look back at that time in my life with very fond memories, I think being there gave me a better start in life than some "normal" children and I have never found that being in an "orphanage" was in any way a stigma or stumbling block.

Peter Saward

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Jul 8 12 11:39 PM

Thanks Peter that post certainly pushed my buttons, I think everyone who was there in our time will love the memories you have shared, they are the reason I why looked on this site and hoped to see on this forum, I really hope others from PAS will leave their memories on this forum too.
Mary Wellstead now thats a new name to me but I spent too much time thinking about sport to worry about girls, sadly as I grew older that changed but I'm back into sport again, now I'm past my sell by date. Your memory about PAS fashion reminded me of the time Duncan Southam sewed his sky blue jeans so tight he couldn't get them off, I also recall some of the older kids sending a delegation to complain about the clothes we were expected to wear, and I believe that hierarchy realised they had to change and bow to the fashions of the time.
I remember the last founders day, old boys and girls came from all over the globe, there were hundreds of photos of children and events from way back when, I wish now I had taken as many as I could get my hands on but Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd etc occupied my walls and thoughts, the present is more important than the past or future when one is young.
You are so right Eric Chesters always had a broken arm it was so uncanny, and that old Bedford van was a deathtrap but for us it was the best vehicle on the planet, I hope you're happy in USA  and sorry that the PAS you remember has gone, last week l managed to get some old negatives of Icknield kids from late 50s into the sixties and when I learn how to, l will post them onto the forum. Bye for now. Rob
PS Cup final l watched was 1957 not 1958 in Mr Ross's hut

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Jul 8 12 11:54 PM

I found the post from peters really telling. I suppose I should not have been surprised that Peter could have been at Harpenden and still would have told of  similar experiences. The same time frame, the same organisation and the same situation. I wonder if there was any standard branch were the stories would have been different?

  Thanks for a very amusing and informative post  -    More!


p.s   There would of course have been an exception where a certain lady was involved!

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#14 [url]

Jul 9 12 12:39 AM

Peter really hit my button Roy what a fabulous memory he has and I bet he has more to tell....and yes we do read your posts as well and we share similar experiences good and bad as children growing up inside the NCH family. No wonder Peter joined the Navy its because he was preoccupied with his love of the GIRLS! Bye Bye Robert

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Jul 9 12 9:37 AM

It is nice to read all your memories of PAS - it makes one feel very nostalgic. I wrote my memories in a separate message under 'memories' so I won't reiterate here, except to say that my time at PAS is remembered with fondness and nostalgia. I had many happy times and many friends and I have tried to live my life and bring up my family based on many of the principles that were instilled in us. I remember Peter Saward and Jacke Spencer; Mary Wellstead and I were best friends, she was a lovely girl and I hope she finds this website one day as I would love to keep in touch with her.  I also have memories of the fashion of that time and how we girls were a little behind the fashion of the day. I was a little lucky as Sister Kathleen (Meridan House) allowed me to dress more fashionable when I went out - I remember Mary remarking about this and how lucky I was (although I didn't think so at the time!). I remember the sports days well as I was well into sports myself and used to take part in the long and high jump and the running, etc. Does anyone remember me running and coming first, only to suddenly be stopped in my tracks when my blouse flew open - a very embarrassing moment for a young teenager.  I loved the ballroom dancing and enjoyed those evenings, something I probably would never have done if I hadn't been at PAS.

When reading the posts on this website and hearing more names, my memory is jogged again - another name came up - Horace Lake - he had a sister Edith.

The memories keep coming.  I look forward to reading more posts.

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#16 [url]

Jul 10 12 1:46 PM

i remember an incident where bye i got my user name on this sight i had a rabbit called twinkle which was kept on the farm at P.A.S. i use to feed it in the morning before breakfast and in the evening every morning i went down the farm and came back and slipped into the dining room and started my breakfast after a few 5mins sister kathleen broomhead said where is graham i said i'm here her reply was we will have to call you hamlet the ghost  


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#17 [url]

Jul 16 12 12:36 AM

good morning all oscottonians,graham dyhouse here. I went up to Spalding Lincs last thursday and saw sister olive matthews who was in charge of meriden before sister kathleen broomhead,she is not too bad considering she is approching 96yrs of age she does remember sonia and alan.I also worked on the farm at P.A.S. and i remember a boar called johnny also when the vet came to casterate the piglets and i had to hold them[painful] also when mr bailey and some of us lads use to catch the broody hens and mr bailey use to break their necks and then we held their legs while they were flapping there wings then when they stopped we dipped them in hot water and then plucked and cleaned inside them and took them round the houses for sunday lunch,it has just come to me of being punished by mr ross for smoking basket  cane at the bedroom window and being frog marched to the club hut as we called it well bed is calling its1229am catch you all again. am going to try a re-union either easter or whitsun 2013.


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#18 [url]

Aug 6 15 11:59 PM

micheal tuckley

This was my uncle, he was a twin

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