Jul 25 12 8:23 PM

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Hello All,

Fascinating to read of the history of Larpool Hall.  I wonder if any of you know of the later history of the Hall.  Doing my Duke of Edinburgh's Award in the early 70's I went to Larpool Hall to act as a rather young supervisor with a group of people on a week's holiday there.  I was given the task of leading about eight or ten at a time around Whitby on a guided tour and following a brief by one of the permanent staff took about five groups around during the week.  I remember getting them to count the number of ammonites they saw during the circuit.  I have very happy memories of that week and was reminded of it again when invited to my cousin's 40th wedding anniversary celebration in Rushpool Hall in Saltburn, it brought Larpool back to mind.  It's so good to see that the place has had a new lease of life.  I remember is as slightly shabby but wonderfully homely.