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Aug 1 12 5:27 PM

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Not sure who everyone is on this photo but I am sat on someones lap on the left hand side.
Richard Fowkes is standing on the right and Tina Abdulah has the spotty dress

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Aug 1 12 7:32 PM

Hi Pamela,  Great photos,  Nice to see the first photo of Barton House on the site.  I remember Tina Abdulah, very pretty girl, did she have a brother?  Sister Florence was lovely - her hair in plaits on the top of her head always fascinated me when I was young.  love Di

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Aug 1 12 7:59 PM

I did not know that Tina had a sister. I idolised Tina and she was really kind to me. She seemed to dsappear but maybe she left whilst I was in hospital with polio.
I kept in touch with Sister Florence until she died. She was a lovely lady and very caring.

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Aug 2 12 1:29 AM

Hi Pamela,
What wonderful photos!. I recognize so many children, cant put a name to all off them though.
David Curry came to Rowanlea , cant remember the year though, What a joy to see Russ and Kenny Weatherill together and theres Kenny Faulkner, I recall us all being so shocked when he was knocked off his bike and killed so soon after he had left. I recall Tina, Richard Fowles,  Willy Campbell and yourself of course, wonderful pics
Thanks Pamela
Malc T

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Aug 2 12 2:03 PM

Hi Pamela, Thanks so much for the super pics. Especially great for me to see those of Elizabeth Anderson. I have been trying to find news of her for years. We were good buddies & sang alot together. Of course I remember you very well.I was in no 7 with Jenny Jones & S. Flora & Sybil for most of my childhood but also had a spell in no1 after S Sybil moved there then went back to no7 for some reason. Loved the photo with Kenny & Russ Wetherall but have to confess I was always frightened of Kenny!! Also lovely pic of S Gwen. I have fond memories of her. Do you remember her tambourine lessons,what a hoot with all the lovely ribbons!!
Great to see you on the forum & hope we meet up soon
Thanks Dotx

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Aug 5 12 10:11 AM

Good to hear from you.
Elizabeth seemed to be a friend to so many people. She once came with me to stay with a family who were to become my foster family. I have another couple of photos of that time. I will put them on the site next week. I do hope that Elizabeth found happiness with her mother.
How is Susan? (Are you older than Susan?)
I wonder if she knows the other 2 girls in the Brownies photo. They were all really good to me and helped me to join in things and included me in everything. I got very good at turning the skipping rope and counting as they jumped!
As I said, I think I remember going to your house with Sister Florence. Once we were going up and we were stopped by a farmer who was ploughing a field. He showed us a plover's nest, with eggs. I wonder how many farmers would stop ploughing today to enure the safety of a plover's nest. Happy memories!

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Aug 5 12 10:18 AM

Does anyone know who Michele is in the photos? (that is how her name is written on the back of the photos). She was a favourite of Sister Florence but I do not remember her and do not have a surname. She was only there in the very early days (1953ish)
Also there is a 'Susan' on the photo of 3 of us with a large stick of rock. Is that your sister Susan Turner, Deborah?

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