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Sep 20 12 6:49 PM

Dear Pamela,

I am Michelle Brodie -the Michelle in your Barton House photos.

I am soooo delighted to see the photos with Sister Hilda and Sister Florence and also Kenneth -who I always thought of as my bigger brother.

You have made one lady very very happy. I had always hoped that there might have been a phot of my time there in Harrogate.

I will be at the 2012 reunion- and will seek you out especially.

Love Michelle x

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Sep 21 12 9:57 AM


Lovely to see all your snaps of Barton House etc. Look forward to meeting you next week.


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Sep 21 12 1:02 PM

How exciting.
I heard your name so often but knew nothing about you. So looking forward to meeting you and chatting.
I will bring my old album and you may be in some more photos!
Love Pam

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Sep 21 12 1:07 PM

I am getting really excited about our trip to Harrogate. I have only been back once to show my husband where I used to live.
There is so much catching up to do  and many people to meet.
The problem is I expect to be able to recognise folk after all this time and I guess that will not happen. At least I still have my wobbly walk will be easy to spot!
Will we have name badges?
Also, as you are a pro, how long does it take for your records to come through?
I requested  mine (and Tony's) a few months ago but nothing as yet.
Best wishes

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Sep 22 12 10:04 AM


It was August 1996 when Stephen and me obtained our files. We arranged to meet in the Harrogate office together and were able to give the person doing the interview, authority to divulge papers to each other which were otherwise not available to anyone except the subject or individual.
The initial telephone approach was made 26th June and the interview 23rd August. I fear that with "Rationalisation" there is less urgency in the responses now and suggest you "badger" them into action.
Correspondence which refers both to you and to other individuals may be excluded but I seem to think they are obliged to give access to files of the deceased.

I have an explanatory note dated May 1996 when Action for Children adopted the policy of allowing access to personal files which indicates that we were some of the first to pursue this.

Stephen will do you and Nigel a name tag.

Just email him and tell him the names you wish to display, and in your case the years you were at Fairfield and which house and for Nigel just "Pams' husband.
He'll bring them along on the day.


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