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Aug 1 12 9:54 PM

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The stories of errant pets elswhere on this forum reminded me:-

We bought a tortoise for our son when he was two, unable to pronounce the word properly it became known as 'Teetor'.    After a short time Teetor disappeared, the garden was turned inside out without succes so to save problems another was purchased hopefully to replace Teetor whose absence was causing a little distress.     Within an hour of our 'finding' Teetor our son came in telling us that he had found Teetor too. Sure enough there was the original and the the new who kept the name'Teetor Too'.
At the time we had two Cairn Terriers who loved the forbidden chocolate.    So we thought that if we wiped chocolate on the both Teetor's shells we could say 'chocolate' to the  dogs and point in the garden and they would sniff out any missing tortoise.   It worked. It worked too well. Within an hour of releasing both chocolate scented tortoise my wife yelled from the kitchen that next door's Lurcher had just cleared our fence with a chocolate flavoured tortoise in it's jaw.    I caught up with the dog just as it was about to tuck in to it's giant soft centered choclate treat and was able to rescue said treat after a slight argument.   Needless to say both tortoise were well scrubbed before being returned to the garden this time with their address in nail varnish on their shells.   They then lived on, each to a good old age but no records -  21 and 13 years.

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