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Feb 18 13 7:42 AM

hi im steve landers i was there in the mid 60s with our dave linda and marion me and our dave set curtains on fire in new building does anybody remember that got grounded for a week and no tv

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Feb 18 13 11:32 PM

hi steve,my name is denis, i remember u and family. i seem 2 remember ur birthday being same as mine 4 june but u was older than 58 in june. how r u and rest of family? id love 2 have a chat. my mobile is - 07584671699

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Feb 18 13 11:42 PM

hi david, my name is denis.i remember u and family.i have sent a message 2 ur steve, waiting 4 reply i was at bankfeild 1964-67. if u want a chat my mobile is -07584671699

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Feb 20 13 1:41 AM

hi joe and dennis it me steve landers the school in harwood was called st annes secondary modern
it was at bottom of a big hill on stitch-mi -lane have been back to banky as we called it about 13 years ago its now a old people home lost touch with you of facebook joe we used to call you bummer joe from mexico remember but we was only joking with you seem to remember all our holidays combe haven scarborough and went shooting once on a rifle range think we fired 303s shocked to hear about mr booth didnt think he was like that anyway chaps keep in touch ok regards steve

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Aug 10 13 12:48 AM

Hello Dennis,
I remember you there,my name is Eddie Baines I left in 1965 and was fostered by Mrs. Davenport (one of the cleaners who worked there} she had a son called Norman, we used play cricket and football with you sometimes.  

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Sep 11 13 2:44 PM

hi there paul yes i remember you can you remember the old airaid shelter we dug up ,and the car we used to drive round banky .i went back to the home in 2000 sometime i think ,didnt go throught the gates as it has been turned into an old peoples home.have been in touch with dennis and eddy baines recently ,planning a bit of a reunion when i move up in october .anyway nice memories of our early childhood there .get in touch my email address is ok regards steve landers

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Apr 8 14 11:03 AM


Hi Steve,my name is Paul Wallbank, i remember you very well,and Marion too,me and Marion had a relationship for a while when we were at Bankfield.I remember Joe Smith aswell.

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Apr 8 14 11:10 AM

Hello Eddie.

Hi Eddie,my name is Paul Wallbank,I remember you very well and Mrs Davenport.Remember you coming up to the old building with your guitar and singing Death of a Clown by the Kinks.Great memories.

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Apr 9 14 7:23 PM

davidlanders wrote:
hi paul i remember you well we used to have a football team i enjoyed playing i am dave landers marions brother, i remeber all the staff.

Hi Dave if you get to read this I'm in touch with Steve.I've just spent some time on the phone with Eddie Baines.I hope we can get in contact with each other soon.

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Apr 13 14 10:53 AM

Joe Smith

Hi Joe,if you read this some of us are trying to organise a get together in the summer of 2014.Steve Landers phone number is in this thread so you could use that or contact us through this site.I'm Paul Wallbank,I bumped into you in a pub called the Shamrock in Birkenhead in about 1986.You were with someone called Danny who was visiting his best mate Roy at the time.Hope you see this mate and get in touch.

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Jul 2 14 7:54 PM

j smith111 wrote:
Hi paul its joey yes I remember having a pint with you in the shamrock.the person danny is my e mail address is

Alright Joe,i've sent you an email mate.Hope you get back to me.

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