Aug 27 12 6:25 PM

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I remeber on a saturday we would get pocket money,& we could go to the  bar house on the corner of  old pool bank road & the a660 leeds otley road or otley if we wanted if we went into otley we would spend our pocket money & walk back to school over the moors if it was a nice day, on a sunday we would go to church & depending on your religion it was poole for r.c or bramhope for the c.of.e,i remeber on a school night once a week we had activity nights ,& some times we would go to yeadon dam canoing, one day Mr freeman took us to kirkstall abbey,another time Mr nuttall took us to            thruscross reservoir,& another time we went to knaresborough zoo, during the summer of 67, there was a fuel strike &we could not get home so all the teachers took us on a hike to armscliff crag the     memories i have are the senior boys being in the army cadets,i admit i was always in trouble for fighting, and getting the cane every other day & it did not do me any harm,after about 20 times it  didnt hurt any more, in fact it was a status symbol being stuck out side the deputy heads office for half an hour  every day, so they gave up & i had to go and work on the farm one day a week i didnt mind cos it got me out of lessons for one day a week