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Sep 5 12 9:28 AM

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What happens if i don't want anyone to know i was in care the years i was in care,and i don't have a counsellor, or social worker, because it's 47 years now since i left care and would just like to see my records. 

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Sep 5 12 10:16 PM

It would be possible for only you to see your records (other than the person that shows them to you).
No other part of your friends or family would ever need to know.
Once the have found your file, you would simply visit a local Social Services office, Action For Children's Office etc.
You would be shown the original file, there might be questions you want to ask over matters, but it is up to you once you have read the file as to what you do next.
You might just want to leave and have nothing more to do with the matter, you might want to think it over and talk to them on another day.
If you want to have copies made of any of the pages, they will do that for you, or you can have a copy of everything if you like. This you could have sent to any address (it will come in a plain envelope) or you could arrange to collect it from an office etc.
If there are any original family photographs of you, these you could physically take away if you want.
It is totally up to you who you let know that you have been in a Children's Home, if you want you can keep it a totally private matter.


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Sep 6 12 12:10 PM

         Thank you very much, that has helped a lot I now know what i have to do,and I will get someone    to help me understand why my family looked upon me as the black sheep,it will help me a lot just to see my files,

                                 thank you 


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