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Oct 24 12 6:44 PM

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I have fond memories of Sandie, surname Parkin, if l remember rightly, who was the Housemother of Jeavons House at Princess Alice Drive, Sutton Coldfield. Around 1975 to around 1977? She used to make the home feel like a family home, being able to bring friends back for tea, taking us to all out activities, etc. We were all encouraged to join various clubs which in effect helped us all make friends outside, not just the Branch but Schools etc.

We use to go out and about in the little Mini bus, sometimes going as far as Scotland, just for the weekend, but it was fun. Sure it wouldn’t meet with Health and Safety nowadays but back then, it was more the enjoyment of the Group that counted.

I remember one very hot summers day, when somehow a water fight started, who between, l cant remember, but it resulted in everyone within the home, being involved, water was running down the stairs inside, but we all had fun and everyone helped to clean up afterwards. Even the Superintendent at the time (forgotten who!) walked by and smiled at us all, knowing that we were all enjoying ourselves.

Know that l had problems, but, the one thing that l remember, was that although she told you what was right or wrong, she would always support you.

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Oct 24 12 7:07 PM

Yes, Alan Meakin was the Superintendent. He did have a Deputy who lived with his Wife and small child in a large house at the back of Jeavons.
Think another Housekeeper next door to Jeavons, was called Jane, her Husband also worked there, but l have forgotton his name.

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