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Nov 13 12 2:50 PM

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Hi All, I'm having trouble with my computer, so fingers crossed that these go on.  I seem to be unable to answer any other topics, all I get is a blank page with a strip of adverts on top.

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Nov 13 12 5:54 PM

Hi Di,

                  Once again,thanks for persevering.   These really are very interesting even though this one is a bit light on God's own field (Highfield that is).   It is probably due to Audrey reading it so often over the past 60 years that she has worn out the words!

Thanks again,


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Nov 14 12 1:09 PM

HI Di,
Many thanks for the posting of the Summer Our News 1950.  Lots of names in there of people I remember, and a reminder of the time that the houses were being converted to flats, and our whole family had to decamp to one of the boys'  houses for a few weeks.  As I remember it, that was a fun and interesting time, and with a whole different view across the Oval that had always been the big divider of the boys from the girls.  Did that happen at Harrogate too?
Many thanks for posting these newsletters.  Is that it for now, or will there be more? 
Insatiably yours :-)

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